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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As you can probably tell from the amount of Mother’s Day emails going out today, it’s time to get one of your parental figures a gift. Here’s a few things to get your brain working on the subject, and if they don’t help, remember we’ve got items tagged by price in our Gifts section:

1. Geneva Sound System XS, $249.00

2. Black Diamond Necklace, $280.00

3. A set of Rootcups, each $5.00

4. Gold Fractured Ring by Lucas Jack, $60.00

5. Wood Block Desk Organizer, $57.00

6. Japanese Scissors for pruning/cutting, $38.00

Mothers Day

7. Hand Key Ring, 5734 by Carl Aubock, $95.00

8. Kaleido Trays, $16.00 – $78.00 each

9. Gold Bar Door Stop by Arik Levy, $78.00 (“Formed as a gold bar, Levy adds a hidden historical reference on the objects face; resembling a gold bar’s serial number, a string of numbers is inscribed as “260373” which actually represent March 26, 1973, the day women were first permitted to enter the London Stock Exchange.”)

10. Photojojo Phone Lens Series, $20.00 – $25.00 each, or $49 for all three

11. Blu Dot Juice Box, $99.00

12. Tablet Portfolio, $190.00


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