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Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day, already? Yep, it’s just around the corner (May 8th). While you’re wrapping your head around that May starts next week, you may as well look at some stuff that a mother just might like. Best order soon to make sure your gift gets there in time. Take a look at our Gifts category for more ideas.

1. The The Present Clockโ„ข: $180.00 – $200.00

2. Any size of Aalto Vase: $155.00

3. A Fitbit to track steps: $99.95

4. For all those baubles, the Box Modular Jewelry Container: $260.00

5. The Travel Blanket Pillow Set will make her next trip more comfortable: $290.00

Mother's Day gift ideas 2016

6. I have Snowe’s towels and they’re very, very nice, so I can imagine their Bathrobe won’t disappoint: $100.00

7. Fun Dusen Dusen Necklace: $158.00

8. An Elise Hat to keep the sun away: $58.00

9. If she likes art, she’ll appreciate 30,000 Years of Art: $39.95

Mother's Day gift ideas 2016

10. If you can’t afford the life-sized version, there’s always a Vitra Miniature (Thonet no.14: $315.00)

11. House Paper Weight: $70.00

12. Straightedge ueki one hand scissors: $546.00 (or a different/smaller version from Amazon for $137)

13. Any brooch or barrette by Dream Collective, ~$65.00

14. Get this Set of 4 Concrete Planters if your mother likes greenery: $70.00

Hope that helps.


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