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Michael Mundy Wish List 2015

Michael Mundy Wish List 2015

Michael Mundy from has found the time to share his list again this year. Thanks Michael!

from Michael:

1. Because I never have enough wooden spoons in my kitchen: Hand Carved Japanese Spoons, $28.00

2. I’m giving some people this app. Itโ€™s a great meditation app: Headspace

3. Because everyone I work with travels a lot: Carry On Cocktail Kit, $19.98

4. I’ve recently met this designer and like her refreshingly simple approach: Melissa Easton

5. Because we can never find a charger in our house: Belkin Charge and Sync Dock, $24.95

6. Because so many of my friends love bacon: Kurobuta Bacon, $22.00


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