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Gregory Buntain Gift Ideas

Gregory Buntain Gift Ideas

The first of our holiday gift guides is shared by Gregory Buntain, Co-Founder & Design Director of Fort Standard. Since beginning in 2011, Fort Standard has launched their own line of furniture, home goods and a women’s jewelry brand called Clermont. FS also designs for other brands and manufacturers such as lighting for Roll & Hill, bone china for 1882 and home goods for SCP and Areaware. Below you’ll find a few items Gregory would like to receive this year, plus a couple of items from Fort Standard that he’d recommend giving…

1. Shade Cap, $26.00

2. Timeless Horn Sunglasses, € 134

3. Standing Bowl, $84.00

4. Crest Bottle Opener, $60.00

5. Crewneck, $92.00

Gregory Buntain Gift Ideas

6. Farm Ruck Sack, $165.00

7. Pen Pot, $80.00

8. The Napsack, $130.00

9. Stutterheim Raincoat, $368.00

Thank you Gregory for sharing your list!



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