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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Oh, how is it the middle of November already? As the holiday season fast approaches, gift guides are popping up left and right, and our thoughts wander as to what would be the best gift for friends, family members, loved ones… Of course, there’s the Gift Section here on BLTD, which is full of items tagged according to price range, but perhaps you have one or two hard cases on your list? And are in need of a few suggestions? If so, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to give you some ideas.

Below is the first installment of ‘Gift Ideas’:

design gift ideas

1. Olloclip, $69.99
2. Cao Maru Stress Balls, $160.00 for the set
3. Tattly Tattoos, $5.00
4. Hard Work Tea Towel, $29.95
5. Black Bird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera, $99.95
6. Cardboard Radio, ยฃ25.00
7. Will You Ever Use Me Again? Pencil, $20.00 for a set of 10
8. Wenger Utility Pocket-Knife, $80.00
9. Ceramic Skull Coin Bank, $12.00
10. Arne Jacobsen cup, $21.00 each
11. Moooi Sponge Vase, $206.00 price)
12. Eno Gold Bar Door Stop, $76.00

The amount of ‘Gift Idea’ installments depends entirely on how sick you get of gift guides. Feel free to share if you want more/less (email us if you prefer not to do the whole facebook-comment thing).



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