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Father’s Day 2016

Father’s Day 2016

It’s June, and that means Father’s Day is coming up. June 19 is the day, so you’ve got just under two weeks to figure out just what might appeal to your dear old dad. Here’s a few odds and ends that he might like, or at least get you started on the right track.

1. Iris Hantverk Concrete Shaving Set, $120.00

2. Lomo’ Instant Camera With Lenses, $149.00

3. Uma Sound Lantern, $479.00

4. Star Spangled Spatula®, $75.00

Father's Day gift ideas

5. The Monochrome Belgian Dart Set, $128.00

6. Carabiner Key, $12.50 (or maybe the Orbit Key, $30?)

7. Vulcan Magnetic Multi-Tool Collar Stays, $45.00

8. Simpi Wristwatch, $169.00

9. Eva Solo Table Grill, $269.00

Father's Day gift ideas

10. Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase, $449.00

11. Ystudio Ballpoint Pen, €62.00 (also available from designboom, $75.00)

12. Mod Tablet 2, $299.00

For more inspiration, check out our Gifts Category, where you can search by price range.


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