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even*cleveland Gift Ideas

even*cleveland Gift Ideas

We’ve asked a few people behind our favorite sites to share their gift ideas, and thankfully, some of them had a moment to send over their lists. I check even*cleveland often, and I was happy to hear that Stephanie could participate.

Here are her picks for gifts (to give or get) this year:

1. White ash basket from Schoolhouse Electric, $85.00

2. Odette arrow ring, $75.00

3. Melin Tregwynt throw, $230.00

4. Punto Pigro moccasins, $220.00 (CAD)

5. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen, $28.00

even*cleveland Gift Ideas

6. Inverallen Shawl Collar Cardigan, $345.00

7. DIY Star Projector, $22.00

8. Nontron pocket knife, $155.00

9. Dovo manicure set, $125.00

10. Thornwillow Big Dipper stationary, $40.00

For more inspiration, check out even*cleveland.

Thanks Stephanie!



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