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even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2012

even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2012

And now, for our fourth installment of gift ideas for 2012, we have Stephanie from even*cleveland sharing her list of gifts to give this year. Thanks Stephanie for your excellent perspective- we’re all the better for it.

1. For the person with your favorite face: Aesop Fabulous Face Cleaner

2. For those looking to leave their mark: a custom inspector stamp.

3. For the writer: a paperweight.

4. For pals: a beaded friendship bracelet.

5. For the friends you meet at the bar: a bottle opener.

6. For arty card players: colorful card games.

even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2012

7. For the music lover: an artisan speaker.

8. For the traditionalist: a natty tatted handkerchief.

9. For neat freaks: a technicolor duster.

10. For pedestrians: colorblock sneakers.


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