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Daniel & Emma’s Wish List 2015

Daniel & Emma’s Wish List 2015

To kick off our annual sharing of wish lists, we have Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma giving us a peek of what they’d like to give or get this holiday season. Thanks to Daniel and Emma for sharing your lists again this year!

Emma’s Wish List:

1. a years supply of these! Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Speckles, $9.60 (pack of 4)

2. best smell ever! Byredo’s Gypsy Water, $145.00

3. anything from peta kruger

4. look at these shoes……. just look: Portobello Glitter Shoes, $395.00

Daniel To's wish list

Daniel’s Wish List:

5. full of deliciousness

6. goodies from Sophia Nuske, especially those match sticks

7. tickets to this

8. this keyring


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