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What is it?

I write ‘what is it?’ as the title knowing full well that if you’re viewing this post on our RSS feed, you’ll see the revealing photo first. Sorry. If you don’t see the revealing photo, you can play along. So, what is it? Hint: it’s not an ironing board cover, nor is it a double layered apron. Also, (this might give it away) some of us wish we could use this everyday… if we lived in the right location and possessed some sort of body coordination, that is.


Purchase Information:

Price: $54.00
Available from: Plastica

Chute Lightweight Bag

Sure, you have your reusable bags, but do they fold up as easy as this one? Simply pull the aluminum handle and the bag collapses neat and tidy to be stored away. This quick action is thanks to a paracord that runs through the bag and pulls the structure together. Carbon fiber tubes reinforce the bottom of the bag.


Purchase Information:

Price: $82.50
Available from: The Future Perfect

The Camera Cooler Bag

What better way to relax after a long day of shooting than with a nice cold beverage? Too bad your camera bag isn’t also a cooler… oh well. Wait, did you say something? There’s such a thing?! Indeed, there is, and it’s about to change your excursions from being a ho-hum-sort-of-thirsty hell to a I-can-handle-anything-because-I-have-refreshments blissful outing. Or so we hope. A removable insert protects your camera and lenses while the insulated walls will keep your lunch/snacks cool. Just be sure to keep food and drinks separate and securely closed from your gear, because someone (pointing at you) will be unhappy if the two should mix.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Photojojo

Lorna Backpack

Commuters, your prayers have been answered. IGNOBLE brings us the Lorna backpack/briefcase, an urban commuter bag that’s perfect for lugging your laptop back and forth from the office. Like the other IGNOBLE bags, it is free of unnecessary adornment, making it a perfect choice for those that value function and simplicity in their wardrobes. An easy shoulder strap restraint system allows the bag to quickly convert from a backpack into a soft, side-carry briefcase.

Purchase Information:

Price: $289.00
Available from: IGNOBLE

Organic Tote Bags

Time to feature some totes again, especially as SFMOMA has a couple of good ones from FluffyCo. You’ve heard time and time again that totes are great alternatives to those icky plastic bags, so if you don’t have one you’re a bad person. Not really, of course, but carrying around a tote does make you a better person, at least according to the people at the local health food store. And they know everything. If you’d like to check out all of FluffyCo’s organic totes, here’s their website: FluffyCo. (Most of their totes are priced at $56, but they don’t have the red/black Treads pattern shown above.)


Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Available from: SFMOMA

Ojue Lunch Box

Ooo, Ojue, little vertical lunch box, you. Here we are waxing poetical about lunch carriers left and right, and then you come along. Japanese brand METAPHYS has gone vertical with our midday snack, with three units that stack neatly in a slim line with a “minimized base area.” This allows you to reduce the bulk in your bag while commuting, and, perhaps just as importantly, it allows you to stack or remove the units as you wish to accomodate your meal. Smart.


Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: leibal

Two-Piece Enamelware Lunch Pail

Does this look like it’s straight from a farmhouse kitchen or what? Two stacking enamelware containers with a plate for a lid are held together with a stainless steel handle, providing a lunch pail to hold your fried chicken and apple pie safe and sound until your stomach growls. Perfect for picnics? Definitely. Perhaps for bringing your lunch to work? Yes, though do be careful with soups and such as the seal is not airtight. Made by a 461-year-old Austrian company, the tough porcelain coated steel is durable and dishwasher safe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Available from: Kaufmann Mercantile

Menu Cool Lunch

Still looking for a suitable lunch bag? MENUโ€™s Cool Lunch has a velcro handle that handily attaches to your bag or bike, making it easy to carry without damaging its contents. There’s also a small cooling element that keeps your food fresh and drinks cold. Available in White/Lime, Black/Gray, and Black/Red.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Available from: HORNE

Tiffin Lunch Kit

Tiffin kits are a preferable way to transport one’s meal from home to work (or picnic), but this particular kit is all the more desirable for its natural materials. Similar to bento boxes and other tiffins, the durable ceramic bowls stack on top of each other and are held together with a cloth elastic strap. The cork top seal may also be used as a plate, so, as you unfold the kit, you unfold a table setting with your snack/meal neatly contained. Designed by Lorea Sinclaire, each is handcrafted and made to order.


Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Availability: Buy Tiffin Lunch Kit here

Source: room 2046

Topo Hip Pack

This sporty hip or shoulder pack looks to be the perfect size for a day trip, whether hiking in the wilderness or city sightseeing. There’s lash tabs for extra gear or bike lights, and a water-resistant inner liner just in case you get caught in a little rain. At 15โ€ยณw x 8โ€ยณh x 5โ€ยณd, there’s just enough room for necessities.

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.00
Available from: Topo Designs

Notebook Paper Pouches

In the interest of organization, these notebook paper pouches must be considered. Two sizes, machine embroidered, and entirely appropriate to hold pencils, pens, or whatever bits and bobs you might have. If you have a sewing machine, you could try to make these yourself, but we both know that the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

Small is 7″ x 9”
Large is 9″ x 10.5″ (fits an iPad)

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00
Available from: The Quirk Gallery

Bon Marche Pencil Bag

I’m loving this colorful striped, zippered pencil/make up bag. The lines make it slightly architectural and the colors are perfect for spring, which is right around the corner.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Available from: Bon Marche

Review: Ari Marcopoulos Incase Camera Bag

I’ve finally found the perfect bag for both day-to-day commuting and air travel.

Here are a few of the things I love about it:
1. Interior side pocket fits both my MacBook Air & Kindle perfectly.
2. Exterior side pocket allows for easy and secure access to wallet, keys, phone.
3. Comes with a waterproof cover(!)
4. It’s a perfect carry-on sized bag.
5. Side handle makes it easy to pull in and out from under airplane seats
6. Bag interior lined with soft material to keep all your gadgets scratch-free.
7. Configureable interior compartments with velcro dividers–perfect for keeping things in order.
8. It’s perfectly unisex.


Purchase Information:

Price: $199.95
Available from: Incase

Lipault FOLDABLE Upright Luggage

If you’re the sort that hates wasting space, you might like this foldable luggage from Lipault that comes with its own plastic storage bag. It’ll take up less space in the closet and will be dust free when you’re ready to hit the road. It might also work well for those trips when you know you’ll need more luggage on the way back than on the way there- just pop it into your larger case. There’s an upright version as well as a duffel bag (below).


Purchase Information:

Price: $189.00
Available from: canvas

Au Retour Totes

Got a thing for minimally graphic totes? Say no more, it’s completely understandable. The selection from Etsy seller Au Retour is smash-bang terrific with their simple lines and colors, and if you need (i.e. want) a few extra bags you’d do well to check the collection out. The graph study pillow cover ($35) is pretty snazzy as well.

Shown above, Four corners tote in black and white and Floating Shapes tote in red on royal blue

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Available from: Au Retour on Etsy

Source: the funky rooster