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Julia light

Whoa…impressive. How much you want to bet this huge orchid-like light costs more than a small pre-owned car?

designer: Peter Jansen
manufacturer: .MGX by Materialise, Belgium
materials: epoxy resin (built through Stereolithography); accommodates two 11 watt energy saving bulbs
dimensions: 42.5″ x 15.75″, height: 26.75″

price upon request, Buy it here.

More information:

View Julia light here

Trask Lamps

Hold onto your hats, because you can customize the shape of this lamp by bending it however you want. Check out the site for more pictures and information.

The Trask Lamp is a flat-packed, LED light source. Sculpt Trask Lamp into table, task, or track lighting — whatever suits your space! Trask Lamp makes LED lighting affordable and truly customizable. Developed as a follow up to our Bendant Lamp, Trask Lamp takes efficiency one-step further in using LED as a light source.

Color options: Silver, White and Chartreuse
Measurements: Length: 42.35 in / 107.5 cm 4 in / 10 cm Max.

Trask Lamp, $225.00, Buy it here.

Also pictured: Trask Lamp (Suspension), $250.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Availability: Buy Trask Lamps here

John Beck Chalkboard Pendant

The fun to be had with a chalkboard pendant light…

Yes, you can write on it. Designed by St. Louis, MO artisan John Beck, this steel sheet lamp shade can (literally!) send a message. Comes with a 15″ cord with plug end and an in-line switch. Chalk not included.

Available in three sizes: 6″ x 5″, 6″ x 10″, and 6″ x 15″.

$175.00-$295.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00-$295.00
Availability: Buy John Beck Chalkboard Pendant here

Volcanoes (Vessels)

The artist Emogayu creates each vessel by hand, so no two are exactly alike.

Emogayu, who is originally from Japan, hand-crafted a series of vases and bowls for us called ‘Volcanoes’; Inspired by the natural energy of flowing lava and the way it captures a moment in time forever. Her hopes are that whoever owns her work will not treat them as ‘objects’ but will allow the energy of their space to flow freely through them. Volcanoes have a number of uses whether for displaying fresh cut flowers, climbing plants, holding a votive candle or for containing your small keepsakes. Each piece is truly one of a kind.

Volcano #41 (left), 6″ diameter x 3.5″h, $100.00,
Buy it here.
Volcano #40 (right), 6″ diameter x 6.5″h, $110.00,
Buy it here.

[posted by katie]

More information:

View Volcanoes (Vessels) here

Caillou table light

Beautiful, right? It’s also rechargable, which means no unsightly cords to get in the way of all that lovely light. It also costs a pretty penny, so be prepared.

Cailloux are solitary Swarovski crystals with a soft luminous presence. Fascinated by the remarkable aspect of the crystal’s shape, Ronan and Erwan were inspired to create unique Stone chandeliers.

designer: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
materials: crystal; rechargable battery-powered LED lights (8 LED uplights, 8 LED downlights)
notes: A charger is supplied with the Caillou light which charges an internal battery pack allowing the LED lights to be on for up to 8 hours.
dimensions: diameter: 4″, height: 2.75″

$1,390.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,390.00
Availability: Buy Caillou table light here

String Light (Black!)

I involuntarily gasped when I saw the String Light by Patrick Townsend are now available in black. Does that make me a dork? Maybe, but I don’t care. I’m in love with a light.

At first glance, the Patrick Townsend String Light looks industrial and exposed, with variably sized light bulbs protruding from powder coated aluminum casings, dangling at random from a black cord. Plug in this dimmable light fixture and the String Light assumes an entirely new aura. The white bulbs and unexpected red bulb glow with a whimsical and refreshing energy. Illuminating a room has never been so interesting.

60 inches, $95.00
84 inches long, $150.00
Buy it here.

Stick Lamps

So, I’m breaking the rules again sort of…this is listed as a prototype, but the designer(s) says/say that is available for sale. I’ve no idea about shipping, but seeing as these lamps are incredibly strange and cool, it might just be worth whatever the cost.

Black or White (colors available through special request)
Small, €280, Large, €380
Buy it here.

More information:

View Stick Lamps here

Illuminati Poster Light Patterns

Arash and Kelly are offering three of their lampshade designs for you make/hack/modify/improve free of charge. Pretty nice, eh?

You download the plans and make the lightshades using an A1 sheet, scissors, stapler and ruler….
Trace the designs and make them in your own time, with your own hands for free for your self, loved ones and friends.

free! Get it here.

Metal Filagree Botanical Tealight Holder

These look so delicate…another possibility for a Mother’s Day gift perhaps?

These photo-etched metal tealight holders are inspired by an Albrecht Durer watercolor titled “The Great Piece of Turf.” Packaged flat, each piece becomes unique when bent into three-dimensional shape. This lovely, delicate botanical piece measures 11” dia x 11” H.

Metal Filagree Botanical Tealight Holder: Turf, $29.00,
Buy it here.

Metal Filagree Botanical Tealight Holder: Dandelion, $29.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Metal Filagree Botanical Tealight Holder here

Maigrau Luca Light

Take a look at this floor lamp and leaning light from maigrau. Different shade colors available.

The leaning lamp stresses the relationship between light and architecture by its generous gesture. Its orientation to the wall conveys stability and moreover creates an elegant and atmospheric silhouette. The puristic design of the lamp is set in scene by the combination of oiled oak and fabric of the company JAB-Anstoetz.

luca stand or lean, 495.00 €, Buy it here.

More information:

View Maigrau Luca Light here

X-Ray Light

Awe-some. (Imagine that said in a sing-song voice, sort of louder than what would be appropriate in public.)

Korean Designer Wonsuk Cho has designed a series of lights based on the light box commonly used to examine X-Ray film. These whimsical lights are created by taking X-rays of single incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. The images are subsequently mounted onto small black boxes which hang from the ceiling and once illuminated reveal their skeletal structure.

Designer: Wonsuk Cho
Each light ships with 2 x-ray bulb designs.
Materials: Steel Frame, X-Ray film, Transformer.
Dimensions: 5″W x 8.25″H x .8″D
$229.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $229.00
Availability: Buy X-Ray Light here

Babushka Light

A color-cycling light that’s almost like an updated futuristic lava lamp? for $70? Yes please.

Babushka is a modern, lit version of the classic Russian Doll. Turn Babushka on and off by pushing down on the top of the light, and watch it faze through its cycle revealing varied colors as it goes.
Babushka’s dolls are revealed in a sequence of different colored lights and effects. When red the infinity effect is visible revealing a seemingly never ending row of red dolls. When blue the edges of the larger dolls are lit. Babushka continues its light effect through red to pink and purple and on to blue displaying different effects as it goes.

Designer: Mathmos Design Studio

$69.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.00
Availability: Buy Babushka Light here

Fire Candle Holder

Here’s two altogether interesting candle holders for your low lighting consideration.

Cosy Candle (hand painted glass), $175.00, Buy it here.
Fire Candle Holder (available in white, light green or dark green), $45.00 each,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00-$175.00
Availability: Buy Fire Candle Holder here

Wonderland Candlesticks

These are so completely wonderful (and affordable too!).

the wonderland candleholders designed by stephen johnson conjure up a surreal alice in wonderland world of escape. each candleholder is comprised of a balancing act of figurines that were individually cast from ornaments that johnson found at antique markets. the wonderland series illustrates how design can fulfill emotional needs like fantasy, nostalgia, & humor. choose from three designs that come in a matte white resin finish. in addition, the ‘bird’ design is available in a special edition gold finish & the ‘rabbit’ design is available in a chrome finish. -unicahome

Lady In Wonderland Candlestick
Rabbit In Wonderland Candlestick
Bird In Wonderland Candlestick

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Available from: Unica Home

Icon Pendant

A hundred dollars off? Yes please.

With a Panton-like playfulness, the Icon Lamp (2003) by Ferruccio Laviani is at once simple and dramatic in its scale and color. Made from color-tinted transparent vinyl polymer, the Icon’s dome-shaped shade reduces glare while appearing slightly iridescent when lit. At nearly two feet in diameter, it is a versatile, statement-making fixture for an entryway, dining room or restaurant, and can also be hung in multiples for increased visual impact.

H 13″ W 21″ Cord L 76″

Red or White.

$293.00 Now: $196.31, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $293.00
Availability: Buy Icon Pendant here