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Check out this modern interpretation of the well known Venus- I especially like the blue…

“The beauty of the Venus de Milo is illuminated with this ultra-modern version of one of the world’s most celebrated sculptures. The light within shines through the sculpture, creating a lovely, romantic glow that would please any goddess of love and beauty.”

15.75″W x 11.75″L x 27.5″H

Materials: Polyethylene

Purchase Information:

Price: $129
Availability: Buy Venus here

Light Candle Holder

I don’t know why these are on sale, but holy, that’s great that they’re under the $50 mark. Again, so simple in design, with interesting materials to give a subtle style. I think they’d finish off a room quite nicely, or maybe they’d be the perfect present for one of your modernist friends?

“Arik Levy’s Light Candle Holder (2007) is a study in restraint, a distinct departure from its Victorian counterparts. An innovative use of materials, the candle holder comes either in white alabaster or black-textured aluminum. When a candle is lit, the alabaster holder captures the light, giving it a translucent quality. Paired together, the Light Candle Holders provide a satisfying material contrast to each other. Nicely weighted, they can be safely transported with one hand using the simple, sizable handle and accommodate standard taper candles (not included).”

H 6.25″ W 3″ D 1.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $60
Availability: Buy Light Candle Holder here

Stone Menorah

I haven’t seen a whole lot of Menorahs, but this one tops the list.

– stone candle holders with black powder coated steel base
– one of a kind; stone color will vary
– handcrafted in Pennsylvania from stones quarried in the US

11″ x 5.5″ (at highest point)

Update: This item is unfortunately no longer available. (10/21/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $115
Availability: Buy Stone Menorah here

Cubix Lamp

We saw this at ICFF at the designboom booth. The frames are adjustable, allowing you to diffuse or concentrate the light depending on your mood.

“It’s a lamp made out of oak wood frames and the frames provide both the frame of the lamp as well as the lampshade. At 3.9″x3.9″x10.6″…it is a perfect size for any small surface that needs enhancing. The wooden frames are attached alongside one axis, allowing you to play with them and create different overlapping spaces, which in turn allow the light to stream out.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $75
Availability: Buy Cubix Lamp here

Landscapes by Frederik Roijé

Traditional pendant lampshades are cleverly fused together into one solid object. The result is a lovely, scenic ‘lampscape’ that mirrors the natural environment.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,409.00
Availability: Buy Landscapes by Frederik Roijé here

Shadow Light

This is awfully pretty- I’d imagine it would create quite a nice glow.

“Stretched gauze filters halogen-projected images from a fancifully painted mylar interior. Tord Boontje designed, Shadow requires no assembly.”

White or Green.

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy Shadow Light here

Lee reading lamp

The slim-lined halogen reading lamp from Anta Germany features adjustable height and a rotating swivel base.

height: 41.3″ – 45.3″

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $935.00
Availability: Buy Lee reading lamp here

Luzifer – Icon Table Lamp

The ICON lamp is designed out of three flat sheets: two identical metal-sheets and a sheet of veneer. The metal sheets, cut by laser, include all the necesary construction parts to hold the lampshade, lamp-holder, cable and base. Put together this way the lamp offers two perspectives. A “slim” form from the side view and the siluette of a lamp icon from the front view.

This unobstrusive design is very accomodating to a great variety of both private and contract interiors.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $452.00
Availability: Buy Luzifer – Icon Table Lamp here

Waren Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is the perfect size for small spaces- it does the job without taking up a whole lot of visual space. And, it’s under $100, which means it’s the perfect choice.

“Classic design moves light-years ahead in a bright new polished nickel finish. Head and arm rotate to direct light at any angle. Adjusting handle stays cool.”


Update: This item is no longer available through original retailer. (10/30/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.95
Availability: Buy Waren Floor Lamp here

Gladys Lighting Collection by Louise Hederström

Lace isn’t my favorite thing, but these lamps sure are…they’re interesting- both lovely and weird.
These are only available for immediate purchase for the European market, but others are available upon request.

Made in stainless or white lacquered steel.

Small pendant, one ring Ø 190 mm
Medium pendant, one ring Ø 320 mm
Large pendant, two rings Ø 630 mm and 190 mm
X-large pendant, three rings Ø 630 mm, 320 mm and 190 mm
Table lamp, height 500 mm, diameter 320 mm, white cord 180 cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $253-$1,016
Availability: Buy Gladys Lighting Collection by Louise Hederström here

Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx

This is probably best played in a commercial application or a large scale home, but the Fall of the Damned pendant lamp is a slightly frightening, if not interesting way to light a space.

“A dramatic, pendant lampshade, shaped into a classic image of guilt and morality. From a distance, The Fall of the Damned appears to be an organic and intricately textured ornament. Upon closer inspection it is revealed as a mass of naked bodies, reminiscent of Dante and Rubens, fused together in agonizing beauty.

The amazingly complex shape of this limited edition lampshade was made possible via the help of Materialise’s MGX technology. Using innovative 3D printing, digitally created designs are ‘printed’ with a laser, adding layer upon layer until an intricately detailed piece is formed.

Limited Edition of 40.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $45,000.00
Availability: Buy Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx here

Snare Pendant Lamp

This pendant lamp measures less than a foot across so it would be perfect for smaller scale settings, such as over a small dining table or kitchen island. And it has a really small price tag too, so you could even buy one for either side of the bed.

“Sleek 3″ brushed steel band, frosted glass diffuser and metal mesh top keep a tight modern beat. White cord with tandem metal cable for extra reinforcement.”


Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Availability: Buy Snare Pendant Lamp here

Range candle holders

These candle holders make such an interesting arrangement. Three come in a set, and three sets were used in the photo.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $130
Availability: Buy Range candle holders here

Glow Pendant

This geometric brass pendant lamp was designed by Italian designer Enrico Franzolini and designer Vicente Garcia Jimenez.

“The Glow casts warm, fractured light inspired by the dappled effect of sunlight sifting through leaves. Burnished with an antique matte brass, its multiple angles create a unique pattern of light refraction.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,998
Availability: Buy Glow Pendant here

Coral Pendant

These pendants are not only lovely, but also created from sustainable materials.

“The Coral Pendant (2004) is the result of two influences: the repeating patterns of ice crystals David Trubridge saw in Antarctica and the similar patterns he saw in underwater coral…The Coral Pendant arrives unassembled to make shipping more efficient and to reduce the amount of packing materials. Instructions for simple assembly are included and no tools are required.”

Australian sustainable-plantation-grown hoop pine untreated plywood; dual-core electrical flex PVC cord; white painted metal ceiling plate; stainless steel rivets.

H 23.5″ Diameter 23.5″ Cord L 15′

Also pictured are the Koura ($2,200) and Kina ($2000) pendants.

Purchase Information:

Price: $500
Availability: Buy Coral Pendant here