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Cross Pendant –Now on Sale

“The bold but spare Cross Pendant Light, winner of the red dot award in 2003, is a roto-molded double cruciform lamp that distills the iconic shape to its bones and accomplishes it with ironic refinement. When switched on, it becomes a luminous white or orange plus sign, radiating soft circles of light from each end. Hung laterally in multiples, a group of Pendants forms a constellation of stars. A light bulb fits into the cross’s center through the upper cylinder. The lamp can be suspended from above to achieve a soft, complex glow or placed on a table as a sculptural light source. Bulb (not included) Incandescent 60W/120V/E26/A19.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $228
Availability: Buy Cross Pendant –Now on Sale here

Fat Lamp

Hmm, though this is slightly disturbing, it’s also oddly fascinating. It definitely gets points for originality…

“Droog’s 12th presentation in Milan at the Salone del Mobile 2004 was based on the concept of going slow. When the Fat Lamp is turned on, it slowly melts and gives more light. This process takes about 2 hours. When turned off it becomes solid again. The lamp consists out of soy oil and melts by a small light-bulb that hangs directly in the oil, because soy isn’t conductive. “

Purchase Information:

Price: $849.00
Availability: Buy Fat Lamp here

Truffle Table Lamp

Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you can still enjoy this little lamp for it’s nice glow.

15″Dia. x 17″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Availability: Buy Truffle Table Lamp here

Light Frame Pendant

I have no idea what this is made out of (acrylic?), but it sure is pretty.

h 11 ¾” ø 39 ¼”

Purchase Information:

Price: $798.00
Availability: Buy Light Frame Pendant here

Silicone Lamp

Kinda interesting how it just sits on it’s side, and I like how it’s slightly UFO shaped…

molded opal silicone

h 10″ ø 9 ¾”

Purchase Information:

Price: $294.00
Availability: Buy Silicone Lamp here

Sticky Lamp

These lamps simply stick to the wall in whatever arrangement you would like…

Materials: PVS, Comp. Flourescent Light, 6 Watt
Approx: 9.25″ H; 7″ W; 2.75 D

Purchase Information:

Price: $47.00
Availability: Buy Sticky Lamp here

Classic One Table Lamp

This lamp is made from one piece of handblown glass- which makes the pricetag completely understandable. Such a lovely lamp…

“Designed by Maria Berntsen for Holmegaard, the glass division of Royal Scandinavia. This lamp has become an instant classic with its distinctive timeless features. Very simple, but stylish and genius. It is made from a single piece of handblown glass! This beautiful masterpiece of light will perfectly fit any interior. Established in 1825, Holmegaard is famous for its high standards in tableware glass. Perfect for both small residential and large scale commercial projects. ”

Options: Clear or White (opal)

10 foot red cord included
14.2″ height

Purchase Information:

Price: $499.00
Availability: Buy Classic One Table Lamp here

Droog Clothes Hanger Lamp

Depending upon the type of shirt, this lamp will give off different types of “light and atmosphere.” So if you’ve got 5 shirts, you get 5 atmospheric effects; if you’ve got 200 shirts, then you’ve got a deal.

Designed by Hector Serrano, 2002

Materials: Acrylic, Comp. Flourescen Light 11 Watt

Approx: 8.75″ H; 16″ W; 2″ D

Purchase Information:

Price: $323.00
Availability: Buy Droog Clothes Hanger Lamp here

Dolio Table Lamp

Sometimes when “mirrored” and “chrome” are adjectives used to decribe an object, cringes are seen or felt (not for me, of course, because I’m partial to that type of thing). This particular lamp are both of these things, yet remain elegant, truly embodying perhaps the best elements of “distincive” designs of the 60’s and 70’s…

Mirror (Chrome) & Semi-Transparent Frosted (Acrylic)

15.75″ h x 11.81 dia.

Purchase Information:

Price: $458.00
Availability: Buy Dolio Table Lamp here

Supernova suspension lamp (black)

Know that this is being posted not to make you blow any furnishing budget you might or might not have, but because it’s so wierdly pretty there’s really no choice in the matter.

“The Murano glass diffusers of Barber Osgerby’s “Supernova” test the ability of even the best glass-blowers; it is very difficult to produce a hand-blown piece of glass in this diameter with uniform color and thickness.
Each module is filled with clear Swarovski crystals to form a refracting layer. With a light source inserted above the layer of crystals, the chandelier produces soft up-light through the glass and refracted down-light through the convex crystal base.”

Swarovski crystal
one incandescent bulb,
35 watts

diameter 19.5″, height 3.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,950.00
Availability: Buy Supernova suspension lamp (black) here

Cocoon Pendant lamp

Here’s one nicely shaped pendant lamp for a relatively decent price.

Available in white or black.

Currently 10% off with discount code THEBIG10.
Free shipping, (and no tax)

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Availability: Buy Cocoon Pendant lamp here

Pablo Tube Top table lamps

If you like the looks of this lamp, you have a chance to preorder now so that you can have it as soon as humanly possible. Awfully tempting, isn’t it? The 27″ one in white shade/clear base is particularly provocative.

“A minimalist statement in form and proportion. Tube Top combines a transparent formed acrylic base to support its elegant mesh fabric shade in tension, steering away from conventional modes of construction. Its lightweight shade appears to float freely, gently tethered by its fabric cord.”

available in: white shade/charcoal base, charcoal shade/charcoal base,
white shade/clear base (27″ only)

Purchase Information:

Price: $100
Availability: Buy Pablo Tube Top table lamps here

Bubble Light

Sometimes product pictures are kinda funny, especially when a model is involved. The light is pretty neat, though…

“This glowing silicone ball is both portable & rechargeable. A gentle squeeze turns the bubble on, and another one turns it off. Can be used on its own, or hanging from its cable. Each sold separately.”

-Indoor/Outdoor Use
-Splash Resistant
-Includes Charger and Cable
-Hold charge for up to 5 hours

Materials: Silicone, LED’s

3.25″ diameter

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.00
Availability: Buy Bubble Light here

Flex Lamp

This is something else. Designed by Sam Hecht, this lampshade and bulb are both made of the same silicone material, which allows flexibility. Kinda neat, huh?

Approx: 8.75″ H; 13″ DIA
Uses an energy saving bulb.

Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Availability: Buy Flex Lamp here

nordic light 7 arm candelabra

This candelabra folds up and fits nicely in a drawer. But it’s so nice you may just want to keep it out 365. Or maybe 364 so you can make use of the folding mechanism.

“We normally advise against playing with fire, but you won’t be able to resist reconfiguring this amazing candle holder over and over. Jonas Grundell’s flexible design allows for up to seven candles, arranged in linear, circular or asymmetric patterns—whatever suits your whim. Simply choose your display, then tighten the center screw to hold each arm in its place. Choose from four stately colors.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $74
Availability: Buy nordic light 7 arm candelabra here