Hip Hotels Ski by Herbert Ypma


If you’re a skier or a snowboarder you might find this mighty useful in picking out a place to stay this season, or maybe find it as inspiration to save for next year.

‘Forget crowded lodges and cookie-cutter condos-the latest installment in the Hip Hotels series proves there’s a world of style in après-ski accommodations. This glossy volume profiles 40 swanky and funky hotels in 24 of the best ski towns in North America and Europe. In his typical fashion, Ypma, a photographer and writer, avoids obvious luxury locales, opting instead for hidden jewels and off-the-wall treasures…Over 500 sumptuous photographs (379 in color) support his claims and beckon travelers to shun conformity. Ypma’s in-the-know descriptions introduce readers to the quirky history of these unconventional abodes.’ -Publishers Weekly


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