The Story of Art: Pocket Edition


If you didn’t take Art History in while pursuing your secondary eduction, I’d recommend getting a copy of this book. On it’s 16th edition, it gives an excellent introduction to art as a chronological narrative (so, it’s easy to read).

From Booklist:
“Gombrich’s The Story of Art has been a treasured standard in the field, selling more than 4 million copies since its first edition in 1950. Now in its 16th edition and available for the first time in paperback, this comprehensive look at Western art from prehistoric times on up to the present has been completely redesigned and extensively revised and updated. In addition, the illustrations have all been enhanced, and a total of 443 are now in color. Gombrich is more than an authority, he’s an advocate, and his love and deep respect for art infuse his invigorating text.”


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