Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Folded paper work by Simon Schubert (via Dezeen)
  • 20 min. video (totally worth the time, trust me): Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech (via Do Lectures)
  • Did you know that a Dormouse can hibernate six months or longer in a year? Also, if you need a cute injection: Snoring Dormouse
  • Tattoos and the Stories behind them: Pen & Ink
  • MIT’s Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing
  • Google World Wonders Project (via bookofjoe)
  • You Won’t Believe How This Cat Walks Down This Fridge
  • Neatorama: Faces on Strainers (via designcrush)
  • Have a lovely weekend, as usual.


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