Friday Links

Friday Links
  • GOOD: The Rules (via @the99percent)
  • Bottle cap portrait by Mary Ellen Croteau (via curiosity counts)
  • curiosity counts: why old books smell so good (via @brainpicker)
  • Forgot to note how I found this, apologies:Spooky Haunted Mirror
  • What Does The World’s Most Average Typeface Look Like?
  • Where to hide valuables? How about a Doortop Stash? (via Incredible Things)
  • a new bookmark: Sight Unseen
  • Reveeco EcoVéa recycling shower
  • AT: What’s the most popular color in the entire world?
  • Image: mirrored cabinets, good or bad idea? (all I can think about is fingerprints)
  • swissmiss: Brush Up On Your Metric
  • Casey Neistat video: iPhone’s Siri vs. My Human Assistant via @Pogue (“Do you love me?”)
  • Have a nice middle-of-October weekend. Cheers.


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