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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • A minimalist view of the new iPhone.
  • Build Blog: Architects, You’ll never get sued for ugly
  • Unclutterer: Clutter can kill creativity and innovation
  • Old Faithful Shop’s blog OLD CHUM
  • Superheroes are for girls, too via @brainpicker
  • Easily embarrassed? Study finds people will trust you more via @the99percent
  • Love the idea of an online micro-bookstore/bookclub: Emily Books via @wired
  • GOOD: Be Your Own Bank: New Laws Could Unleash Crowdfunding For Startups
  • 6 minute talk: Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness
  • I know we’ve linked to this site before, but I ran across it again and got sucked in by the simplicity and info: mo+mo living
  • The Trillion-Dollar Storm: Will Hurricanes Drive Us Off The Coasts?
  • Also from Fast Company, a short video from Scott Belsky: Work Smart: Overcoming “Reactionary Workflow” To Make Your Vision A Reality. The quote I’ll remember- “Stop living someone else’s to-do list.”
  • Remembering Steve Jobs: share your thoughts, memories, and condolences by emailing
  • Enjoy the weekend.


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