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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Introducing Tea Party Ipsum, the first and only “Lorem Ipsum Generator” (real quotes, if you can believe it): Tea Party Ipsum (I tweeted this last Friday, but it’s well worth a Friday Link.)
  • TypoDesignClock for the iPhone
  • Would I sleep in one of these? Hells yeah, if my flight was delayed by many hours. Sleepbox 01 by Arch Group
  • Carousel Horse Race by Improv Everywhere (via designvagabond)
  • today and tomorrow: NOW (#2 mirror) by Doug Aitken
  • Yikes. Record 46.2 million Americans live in poverty, Census Bureau says via Archinect
  • Make any image look like a polaroid: Polaroin
  • Nice gallery of images showing How Cork is Made from Core77.
  • Fast Company: How Whole Foods “Primes” You To Shop
  • Over on curiosity counts, the founders of startup-darling Fab talk about the secret to their success.
  • Dinosaur Feathers Found in Amber Reinforce Evolution Theories.
  • Silliness with bananas: Carved Banana Sculptures
  • Have a nice weekend! I’m planning on painting my front door and switching out the hardware. Maybe I’ll share pics next week (if you’re curious).


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