Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Make: DIY $4 Grocery Panniers
  • I’ve probably linked to this site before, but just in case I haven’t… Reference Library
  • This looks promising: Decurate
  • NYTimes: Graphs on the Financial Crisis via @buildllc
  • Dining Etiquette 101 (via DESIGNLUMP)
  • The Huxtables and their sartorial choices: Huxtable Hotness
  • Okay, who’s next? Artist Creates Makeshift Tattoo Gun from Household Objects
  • Open Culture has a good list of Free Resources for Lifelong Learners Everywhere.
  • Also on Open Culture, Helen Keller Captured on Video.
  • NYTimes The Reckoning: America and the World a Decade After 9/11
  • Storycorps > SEPTEMBER 11
  • For many, this weekend is one of remembrance. Spend it appropriately.


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