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Architectural Range Hood

Future kitchen-remodelers, take note. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf range hoods when you could perhaps spend a little extra time and money sourcing an abstract one from a fabricator or architect. Ihoas & Ihoas Architects via swissmiss.

Source: swissmiss

Loft Access by Tamir Addadi Architecture

Let’s just take a moment to admire this small staircase connecting a cramped hallway to a loft attic space. Seeing the ‘before’ and then the ‘after’ pictures (both below), you get a sense of just how much of a difference the narrow staircase makes, especially in that oodles of additional light is gained from getting rid of the old attic hatch, and, of course, the ease of accessibility to a formerly underutilized space. Really, it’s an A+ job from Tamir Addadi Architecture.


Urbanski Attic

This neat little attic renovation is something to earmark. Harold Kyle and Debbie Urbanski, (who run Boxcar Press by the way) found Jonathan Lott, a partner in the firm PARA-Project, to renovate the 450 square feet located under their house’s pitched roof. The huge window added at the rear of the house and careful positioning of furniture and a few skylights make the relatively small area seem quite spacious. Check out Readymade to read more about the project.


More information:

View Urbanski Attic here

Source: Readymade

Modern Metal House Numbers

You certainly won’t find anything like this to at your local big box hardware store. These house numbers from Seattle-based Object Creative are made from bent steel and are available in brushed stainless steel, rusted mild steel, and a multitude of powder-coated colors. I could seeing people getting really creative with the material showing through the numbers, or perhaps backlighting them. Each number measures 6.25″H x 3″W x .5″D and is priced at $19 each.


Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Object Creative

Kluif shelving unit by Ellen Seegers

I love the simplicity of this built-in shelving by Ellen Seegers over at Beelden Bouwers. She uses various woods, paint colors and includes an attached lamp. Perhaps the best part of the unit is that it provides a stark contrast to the rest of the room and yet fits in perfectly to the space.


Kitka Office Remodel

There’s a great, inexpensive office remodel over at Kitka in which they use super shiny plywood floors and a black and white color scheme that looks pretty fantastic.


More information:

View Kitka Office Remodel here

Bookshelf Wallpaper

If you love the look of books but don’t have the space (or money) for stacks of bookshelves, maybe this wallpaper will do the trick. Similar in idea to the Genuine Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper we’ve posted before, but maybe just a tad bit better seeing as it has a more realistic look. Sold in 3 meter length rolls. 55cm wide.


Purchase Information:

Price: £68.00
Available from: Bouf

Source: Incredible Things

Deam’s Home Renovation

There’s a great slideshow and article over at Dwell of Chris and Lara Hedberg Deam’s (Dwell’s founder) new home renovation. I found the attention to detail particularly impressive, most notably in the built-ins and finishing touches, and the landscaping has already found its place at the top of my inspiration files. Altogether, it’s a job well done.


Source: Dwell

U-Socket USB Wall Charger

It was only a matter of time for something like this to come out. The U-Socket adds two additional USB ports next to your traditional power outlets, providing a charging station for your electronic devices without having to turn your computer on.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.95
Available from: FastMac

Source: Incredible Things

Kohler K-3760 33″ Undermount Sink


Purchase Information:

Price: $682.50
Available from: Faucet Direct


Here’s a nice minimalist mailbox that can be mounted on a post or railing. Handmade from left-over scraps of galvanized metal sheets, each mailbox features rolled metal edges and stainless steel and aluminum fasteners for rust prevention. A wall-mount version will be available soon, so check back if that’s what you need.


Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: Neutrabox

The Waterhouse at South Bund

The Waterhouse at South Bend in Shanghai is a wonderful contrast of old and new. Chinese architects NHDRO have thoughtfully renovated a disused Japanese army headquarters into a modern boutique hotel, keeping the original concrete and brick walls while adding current materials and details. Might be worth bookmarking if you’ve got an older building renovation in your future. The Waterhouse is located by the new Cool Docks development on the South Bund District of Shanghai. If you’re interested in staying there, bookings are available through Design Hotels.

Travel Kitchen by CPHsquare

Looking for a small customized kitchen that’s easy to move around? Enter in CPH Square kitchens. They make kitchens for individual clients with specific needs for functionality. Flexible water taps and drains make these kitchens suitable for indoors or out and have tons of available options for table tops, zinks, taps and interiors.

Model shown is powder painted stainless steel with a Corian table top, stainless zink and Vola tap. Size can be specified and be painted in any color.

Purchase Information:

Price: €6,500
Available from: CPH Square

Source: notcot

Pigeon Roost into Mini Loft

Ran across this renovation project over on Dwell: it’s a the 360-square-foot carriage house that was transformed from a pigeon roost into a mini loft. Especially notable is the postage stamp sized kitchen and bathroom.


Ron BenShoshan’s DIY Faucet

As you know, we don’t often post pics of reader’s homes, but when Ron BenShoshan emailed us pictures of his apartment renovation I couldn’t help but notice the faucet/towel rack in his bathroom. Turns out, he made it himself:

“I was looking for something minimal for my bathroom and wanted to combine 2 different but related uses. It’s a plain metal pipe used for plumbing. I’m an industrial design student so I have access to the workshop at school. All I did was bend the pipe to the angle I needed, weld 2 shorter pipes to connect to the wall (only the one on the right is connected to water), put a short tube inside that controls the direction of the water flow so that it doesn’t flow the left side of the pipe, chrome it and fabricate to small housing units out of corian that hide the connections to the wall. Not more than 2 working days!”

Impressive, yes? More images and links to his Flickr pics below.