Hilltop House in Pasadena, CA by Ladd/Marmol Radziner

The Hilltop House was originally designed by architect Thornton Ladd in 1953 and was reworked by Marmol Radziner.


HofArc Airstream Renovation

Architect Matthew Hofmann recently completed a contemporary renovation of a vintage 1970’s Airstream trailer, which he now calls home with his girlfriend in Santa Barbara, CA. A lesson in living small, the updated Airstream shows thoughtful use of space and storage as well as catering to the modernist aesthetic. Read Mathew’s comments on the project below:


Urbanski Attic

This neat little attic renovation is something to earmark. Harold Kyle and Debbie Urbanski, (who run Boxcar Press by the way) found Jonathan Lott, a partner in the firm PARA-Project, to renovate the 450 square feet located under their house’s pitched roof. The huge window added at the rear of the house and careful positioning of furniture and a few skylights make the relatively small area seem quite spacious. Check out Readymade to read more about the project.


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View Urbanski Attic here

Source: Readymade

Kluif shelving unit by Ellen Seegers

I love the simplicity of this built-in shelving by Ellen Seegers over at Beelden Bouwers. She uses various woods, paint colors and includes an attached lamp. Perhaps the best part of the unit is that it provides a stark contrast to the rest of the room and yet fits in perfectly to the space.


Deam’s Home Renovation

There’s a great slideshow and article over at Dwell of Chris and Lara Hedberg Deam’s (Dwell’s founder) new home renovation. I found the attention to detail particularly impressive, most notably in the built-ins and finishing touches, and the landscaping has already found its place at the top of my inspiration files. Altogether, it’s a job well done.


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View Deam’s Home Renovation here

Source: Dwell

The Waterhouse at South Bund

The Waterhouse at South Bend in Shanghai is a wonderful contrast of old and new. Chinese architects NHDRO have thoughtfully renovated a disused Japanese army headquarters into a modern boutique hotel, keeping the original concrete and brick walls while adding current materials and details. Might be worth bookmarking if you’ve got an older building renovation in your future. The Waterhouse is located by the new Cool Docks development on the South Bund District of Shanghai. If you’re interested in staying there, bookings are available through Design Hotels.

Pigeon Roost into Mini Loft

Ran across this renovation project over on Dwell: it’s a the 360-square-foot carriage house that was transformed from a pigeon roost into a mini loft. Especially notable is the postage stamp sized kitchen and bathroom.


Flemish Farmhouse Kitchen

Just saw this impressive sliding door/wall over on Dwell. The Belgian architects 51N4E choose 5mm-thick white marble mounted on a 20mm honeycomb structure for the sliding door that separates the kitchen and adjacent storage space. The wall appears either opaque or translucent depending on time of day and amount of light.

More pictures below.

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View Flemish Farmhouse Kitchen here

Source: Dwell

Bazel Chapel House

Perusing OWI this morning, I came across this Chapel House in the Flemish village of Bazel. While the chapel windows and lofty ceilings definitely induce envy, the mix of soft muted colors and occasional odd material makes for an inspiring interior. Perhaps with the right paint color in a strategic spot and the addition of a few antiques or collectibles, you can steal a little bit of the look for your own home. Also, take a look at their use of chicken wire, or at least that’s what it looks like… photos below.

Photos: Verne


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View Bazel Chapel House here

Jörg Ebers Townhouse

Another interior I bookmarked over on tumblr was this townhouse by Jörg Ebers of Ebers Architekten. It’s pretty fabulous with all sorts of surprising colors carefully applied to certain areas; my favorites are the full-on color tile bathrooms.

To see the complete story and slideshow, visit

Appartement 50 installation

Just ran across this space by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec over on Daily Icon. A few Bouroullec objects are scattered throughout the apartment, of course, but especially interesting is the use of color in certain areas. While certainly the apartment has a simple and restrained feel, the color used in a few niches, walls and doors provides a focused ‘fun’ aspect that balances out the otherwise austere palette. More pictures below.


Michelle de la Vega’s Garage Home

OWI: American Outfitters

These two photos of a 70’s villa are uber-minimal/sparse, but the other shots show a quirky side. Refurbished by interior architects Renaud De Poorter and Femke Holdrinet, the home still has the bones of the original build, but the updates make it feel thoroughly modern and livable. It’s quite the showpiece.

Photography: Verne


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View OWI: American Outfitters here

Source: OWI

Casa no Geres

So, this house looks pretty interesting, right? Large windows, large overhang/cantilever, idealic setting, all these signs point to ‘yes’.

However, looking at this image below:

you kind of get the impression of an old mobile home perched dangerously on the edge of a hill. Some graffiti, a little trash strewn about, and the setting is the kind you hope your kids aren’t spending time around. Am I wrong? Ah, now wait, before you go getting all upset, these photos reinstate the initial opinion of excellence and grandeur: (more…)

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View Casa no Geres here

Source: The Cool Hunter

House 43, photos Dujardin Filip

OWI is a treasure trove of homes to break my heart against, I swear. This strange one has all sorts of odd choices, but the end result is honest and comfortable. Things to pay attention to: the unassuming facade, the atrium with retractable roof (of course), the staircase through the brick wall and the small glass floor portion below (shown lower right), huge metal bookcases filled to the brim, the lack of ‘finish’ to the ceilings, and about ten other things that I won’t list. It’s like a person you meet that seems sort of boring until you discover they are absolutely fascinating.