Door Sixteen

I just discovered the great blog Door Sixteen about a young couple’s renovation and rehabilitation of a great old home just 60 miles of New York City. The before and after photos are inspiring to say the least.

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View Door Sixteen here

Gary Chang’s 344-square-foot apartment

How’s this for thinking outside the box? Er, inside the box? Anyway, after living in this 344 square foot apartment with his family since he was a teenager, Gary, an architect, bought the apartment when in his twenties and decided to go to work on making it a usable, functional space. He managed to incorporate 24 rooms by clever sectioning and partitioning depending on his needs.

Read the full article and check out the slideshow.

Shed Remodel of Garage Apt.

There’s something so perfect about little spaces to remodel. I think the best thing about it is that you can really choose high quality materials because the square footage is small enough that your budget doesn’t take a hit. This remodel by Shed is inspirational.

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Corner Shelf

It’s the little interesting touches and details that make a home special. I love this little corner shelf idea used in the Kapero office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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View Corner Shelf here

Hackett Hall McKnight’s Dowling House

I’m loving these large scale windows and simplicity of design in the Dowling House by Hackett Hall McKnight. Also of interest are these narrow doors which abut them, providing an interesting contrast.

Oak Slat headboard and shelving unit

This 280 square foot home actually looks quite large despite its tiny footprint due to the simple treatments and some visual tricks. The way the custom oak-slat headboard fills the expanse of wall behind the queen size bed actually makes the space seem larger than if a regular queensize headboard were crammed in the tiny space because the full-wall headboard creates a visual flow instead of dividing the space into wall/headboard/wall sections.

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Transom Windows

This apartment in Copenhagen is beautiful. From the light wood floors, to the white walls, to the simple furniture selections…I’m smitten.

I absolutely love the transom window above the door. If you have the ceiling height, it could be a good way to add extra light into a dark room or just make a plain door more interesting.

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Price: $159.00
Availability: Buy Transom Windows here

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150 Year Old Farmhouse Renovation

I cannot stop looking at this amazing renovation of a 150 year old farmhouse by the architecture firm FARO.

I love the lack of ornamentation on the exterior of the building. Stunning.

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$10,000 Kitchen Remodel

Creede over at Grassroots Modern is having a contest where you can vote on your favorite kitchen remodel. I particularly find the “Simple, Modern, Functional” kitchen to be inspirational. The owner, Summer, did a great job of taking a cramped space and making it much more open and usable.

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View $10,000 Kitchen Remodel here

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I love the simplicity of design and color scheme of home furnishings retailer, March in San Francisco. I would not have thought of painting both the exterior walls and the trim the same, dark color, but it looks amazing.

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View March here

Fabrica Shop in Italy

I’m loving the surface treatments and interesting color palette at the Fabrica shop in Bologna, Italy. I especially love the cluster of black linen light shades.

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Landscape Hotel by Jensen and Skodvin Architects


Basically each room is a detached small independent house with one, or sometimes two of the walls constructed in glass. The landscape in which these rooms are placed is by most people considered spectacularly beautiful and varied and the topography allows a layout where no room looks at another. In this way every room gets its own surprising view of a dramatic piece of landscape, always changing with the weather and the time of the day and the season.

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Glass House, London

I remember seeing an exterior photo of this home a few months ago with no details or link to further information. But today, while day dreaming about London real estate, I stumbled upon the real estate listing! For a mere £1,295,000, this could be yours!

The Glass House (also known as the “Sliver House” was built between two Victorian buildings by Boyarsky Murphy Architects and is just 3 meters wide (less than 10 feet).

More information:

View Glass House, London here

New Favorite Website: The Selby

The Selby features portraits of notable personalities in their homes as photographed by Todd Selby. All the homes are pretty interesting. The home of paola kudacki and james penfold is pretty fantastic.

Home 00 by Studio i-29

Amsterdam’s i29 has done it again with the 00 House. This 1614 square feet home appears to be quite large due to the expansive wood floors and open spaces. The large movable walls allow for changing the space when necessary.

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