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Unit Portables 01 Shoulder Bag

How handy would it be to have a choice between pockets on the inside or outside of your laptop bag? This bag gives you just that, with two pouches for cables, accessories, etc., that can be placed where you decide is most accessible. Made from the ever durable polyester.

Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Unit Portables


Goodness knows there’s plenty of totes to choose from nowadays, but this shopper is slightly different in that it has an internal spring to provide structure. When you’re not using it, it folds down to store easily in the back of your car or in a cabinet.


Purchase Information:

Price: $90.00
Available from: Plastica

Lunch Pot

Soup-for-lunch lovers rejoice, for Black+Blum has brought you the perfect vessel. This two-pot canister is watertight (so your liquids won’t leak), lightweight and BPA-free. The carry strap and spork are included, and when you’re done with your meal, the smaller pot fits into the larger one for a compact carry back home. Available in white/orange, white/lime, and black/red.


Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00
Available from: A+R Store

The Satchel from Linus Bike

I like how this satchel can be worn on your back securely with a waist and shoulder strap or, if you’d rather be unencumbered, you can easily hook it to your bike rack. Magnetic closure and a padded sleeve for your laptop finish out the function.

Purchase Information:

Price: $85.00
Available from: Linus Bike

MUJI Hard Carry Suitcase

MUJI rarely goes wrong, and for that very reason I’m extremely curious how well these suitcases will stand up to the tests of travel. While they don’t meet FAA carry on guidelines (45 linear inches is the maximum), they do look durable and are much more affordable than some other similarly attractive hardcases. More info below.


Purchase Information:

Price: $197.50
Available from: Muji

Bürowolfgang Bag

If you tote around your vinyl records occasionally, you’ll be pleased to know that this bag is big enough for that plus a front pocket for a laptop or tablet. Music producer Paul-David Rollmann collaborated with designer Patrick Koenig on the Bürowolfgang Bag, so rest assured your records will be transported appropriately to the specifications of a pro. Available in blue or black leather. (If you don’t tote around records, just think of the larger sketchbooks/magazines/newspapers that would easily fit instead.)

From Airbag Craftworks of Germany.

Purchase Information:

Price: $325.00
Available from: A+R Store

Wallet & Keys 2.0

There were a couple of related price reductions I wanted to let you know about today. First, apparently the price in Keyport dropped significantly since the last time I looked into it. I’m all about streamlining my life…but the early adopter price for Keyport was more than I was willing to pay. Now at $49.00 it seems a little more in range and now it’s available in several colors. And today only, it’s available for $39.00 if you get the Azure color. Head over to Keyport to pick one up.

Second, there’s a new RFID blocking wallet by Ögon Designs which keeps your credit card numbers and personal information safe from identity theft. Ordinarily $49.00 but if you head over to today you can get a significant discount.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Availability: Buy Wallet & Keys 2.0 here

The Camper Satchel in Tan Waxed Canvas

Here’s another great hand-made bag from Etsy. This one is waxed canvas with leather strap closures and has two expandable pockets and two smaller flat pockets on the side, and can also be customized by way of fabric or size.


Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Available from: Sketchbook at Etsy

LENORE Capsule Backpack

This is such a smart bag. It’s a backpack and duffle that’s super simple in visual design. Featuring all the credentials that one could want in a backpack (ballistic nylon, fully lined nylon Ripstop interior, padded straps, padded airmesh back, exterior stash-pockets, etc.), it quickly converts into a mini-duffle with a simple shoulder strap restraint system. Imagine the ease of taking this on a plane journey; others will no doubt silently seethe after messing with their finicky carry-ons. From IGNOBLE. More pics and info below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Available from: IGNOBLE

The Message Bags

Totes! One can never have too many, or so I tell myself. These totes by Jane and Dale of TWELVEZEROSEVEN are just the thing for your personal miscellany. Both Message Bags are available in canvas with adjustable shoulder strap and handles.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Available from: baum-kuchen

Embossed QWERTY Laptop Case

Too bad I have too many laptop sleeves, or else I’d snap this typewriter one up quick. The retailer doesn’t list what material it’s made of, but I’m guessing vinyl/plastic, considering the price (now, a leather version, that’d be sure be something). And, if you’re really liking the typewriter motif, you might also appreciate the Qwerty Washbag, Qwerty Leather Wallet, or the Qwerty A5 Lined Journal, all available from Bloomsbury Store.

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: Blue Ribbon General Store

Urban Quiver Bag

There really isn’t much to not like on this new camera bag from Blackstone Bags. The long rectangular shape derives from packing cameras and lenses in a more efficient way than traditional camera bags which carry all components in one large mass. The interior features three removable dividers for a custom fit for your gear. Security is upped a factor as well, because the the main compartment cannot be opened while you’re wearing the bag. It certainly goes without saying that it’s got a really unique and sleek look to it too. The Urban Quiver Bag is designed and manufactured in Portland, OR.

Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Availability: Buy Urban Quiver Bag here

Source: Bless This Stuff

Tote Bag – Misc.

If you have several tote bags with specified uses (like groceries), this one is appropriately labeled for all your miscellany. Books, clothes, random purchases, all would fit just fine within this screen-printed tote. Created by Brooklyn based designer Jeff Ramsey.

Made from heavy-duty cotton natural colored canvas.
Machine washable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Available from: Vetted

Source: Svpply

Mighty Wallet by Terrence Kellerman

Super sturdy Tyvek wallet in a cool hex pattern. It’s tear resistant, water-resistant, and recyclable.


Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: Arrango

Homework Leather Pencil Case by presentandcorrect on Etsy

This little low-fi pencil case harkens back to the days when kids carried their books to school with a leather belt. It’s a cute little case with laser cut designs etched into the back.

Leather envelopes cut from 2mm leather and embossed with various homework inspired graphics. All those things we had to remember at school; prime numbers, colours, photosynthesis, pi, the alphabet & more! A silver stud keeps your bits safe and happy. There are 3 colours to choose from; yellow, whiskey or dark brown. 7.75×4″ with plenty of room for scissors, pencils and the like. Embossed with the message ‘Do your homework’ on reverse flap. Made and hand finished in London.


Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Available from: presentandcorrect on Etsy