Bilbao Striped Bag

Issey Miyake can always be counted on for something interesting. This time he has created a bag with panels attached to a mesh background. Has an interior pocket and leather straps.

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Price: $345
Availability: Buy Bilbao Striped Bag here

‘Bare’ Leather Utility Bag

Take a look at the collection from Ecsotype. Custom options are available on all designs, and as a warning, be prepared for getting stuck there clicking on all the different color combinations.

“Its overall shape is a rectangle in 3-dimensions, made of three individually configurable components…Along with an adjustable shoulder strap that threads into the bag, generous well-placed pockets complete Bare, making it the perfect companion to just about any occasion.”

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Price: $172
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Fox Messenger Bag

This would be super handy- a bag that adjusts to your needs depending on how much stuff you’re carrying around. Plus, a 15″ Laptop sleeve is included.

“Ingeniously designed, the entire bag can be folded apart and reclosed to fit whatever volume you need. Locked securely in place with super wide velcro, the water repellent Wool Felt bag can be carried a multitude of ways and its orientation can be changed with the flick of a wrist.”

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Price: $260.00
Availability: Buy Fox Messenger Bag here

Leather Shopping Bag

For those of you that would appreciate a finer material than plastic to carry your purchases, this leather shopping bag would do so with ease. Plus, you’d cut down on all those plastic bags, so you’d be making a tiny difference in environmental impact (right?).

“Fluo’s elegantly simple leather bag is based on the shape of a classic plastic shopping bag. Fluo appropriates this very utilitarian design, allowing one to hold much with great ease, and unexpectedly renders it in supple, luxurious leather.”

14w x 16.75″l

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Price: $395.00
Availability: Buy Leather Shopping Bag here

compact grocery bag

I bought some compact grocery bags when I was in japan and I just love them. They’re so small when put away, and yet really sturdy when you fill them with your groceries.

Weighs a mere 1.5 oz. – it’s the lightest reusable shopping bag on the market
Made of rip-stop nylon that simply will not tear
Handle fabric doubled for comfort
Designed to fit over supermarket checkout frames
Opens to full sized bag that holds over 25 lbs.
Folds into tiny sack attached to inside of the bag (unique feature)

(This item’s link was updated 11/19/09.)

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Price: $9.95
Availability: Buy compact grocery bag here

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Josh Jakus Um Hold

I liked the concept in the larger bags, and I like it in the coin purse too.

“Josh Jakus Um Hold is about the size of a softball, but much more useful. Made from gray pressed felt (approx. 85% wool and 15% mixed fibers). And available in blue, gray, green, or orange self-locking zipper. 5.5”x4.5”x2.25””

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Price: $38.00
Availability: Buy Josh Jakus Um Hold here

Belkin laptop@home, designed by Mike and Maaike

These might be an answer to all your laptop accessory/storage/transport-around-the-home needs. They are created to “enhance comfort” when using your laptop at home and there are a few different versions that you can choose from.

Made of durable, hand-washable material.
All available in Silver, Orange or Green.

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Price: $34.99
Availability: Buy Belkin laptop@home, designed by Mike and Maaike here

Nava Soft Long Leather Messenger Bag

This messenger bag features a turning latch, a secret inside pocket with zipper and an adjustable shoulder.

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Price: $294
Availability: Buy Nava Soft Long Leather Messenger Bag here

Marc Newson Back Pack

If you’ve been wanting a Marc Newson bag but didn’t like the price tag, here’s your chance (if you like yellow).

Back pack designed by Marc Newson for Samsonite Black Label. Extremely lightweight back pack features padded laptop pocket, several organizing compartments and pockets. Adjustable straps. Laminated foam.
13in X 16.5in X 6in

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Price: $140.00
Availability: Buy Marc Newson Back Pack here

Logstoff Bags

Now that there is a bigger effort to create and market bags and totes without all the unnecessary accoutremont it’s fairly easy to find something unoffending, but rarely do I find something that I think is actually designed. I mean that in the sense that the designer is redesigning from square one, reconsidering all the standards of the past in favor of ergonomics, proportions and new materials. I think this is a fine specimin. A bonus (?) is that I don’t think there are any retailers in the states so if you decide to order one it will be the only one on your block.

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View Logstoff Bags here


Bombdesign is a young label for furniture and product design based in Berlin- looking for new interpretations of the everyday object and rethinking the obvious. Is it a flat hat? Is it a handbag? Flat hat’s most important detail is a zipper that makes it possible to live inbetween the dimensions, between the flat two-dimensional an non-functional shape and the three-dimensional functional shape of a very linear handbag. For travel and storage unzip and roll up…

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Price: $198

La Valise Case

“A stylish new way to organize yourself and transport necessary documents. The Valise can be used as a filing system or an attractive briefcase.” Might not make the best everyday briefcase, but is a great way to transport files around an office.

Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2003.
Injection molded ABS. Made in Italy by Magis.
14.5″ L x 12.3″ w x 3.3″ d

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Price: $52.00
Availability: Buy La Valise Case here


This is a great little bag for carrying documents or possibly even a small laptop.

Available in red or charcoal felt.

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No longer available.

Second Skin Laptop Sleeves

Something like this would protect your laptop from all the little bumps and bruises that it might endure otherwise.

Built to fit like a second skin
Stretches to fit 14- to 15-inch laptops
Large case accommodates widescreen laptops
Durable, flexible high quality neoprene
Wipe clean; machine washable

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Double-Sided Business Card Holder

I think I know a handful of people that could use one of these…

(have I said before that I love MUJI

“This popular aluminum case features two sides that clip open and close to reveal up to 10 business cards per side. A perfect accessory for holding both your own personal cards and others. Holds 20 business cards total.”

2.25h x 3.5″w

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Price: $14.00
Availability: Buy Double-Sided Business Card Holder here