Aldo Bunching Table

This little table has a lot bite for its bark. What does that mean? I don’t know really, but what I’m trying to say is that for the price, it’s a nice little table.

•Solid beech and hardwood veneer
•Lacquer stain (espresso base, midtone top)
•Tongue and groove joinery


Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Availability: Buy Aldo Bunching Table here

Barbarella Side Table

This little table is pretty neat. It’s a ready-to-assemble type of thing. It arrives flat and you bend it into its shape. There’s a coffee and console table too. And! If you like robin’s egg blue, you’ve got that option for the base as well.

Steel frame, wood veneer top.

26″ w | 19″ d | 20″h

free shipping in the continental U.S.

Purchase Information:

Price: $349.00
Availability: Buy Barbarella Side Table here

DeStijl table

This is a nice DeStijl example was designed in 1922 and reportedly was one of Eileen Grays favorite pieces and stood in her living room until her death.

“She exhibited it in 1922 at an exhibition of French art in Amsterdam. It was no surprise that this small table aroused the attention of the DeStijl architects. The sculptural Quality, the use of color and the logical design are all features of ‘DeStijl’.”

Made from beech and MDF, lacquered in black and white in satin Gloss

25.2″ x 24.2″ x 32″h

Shown are the front and the back of the table.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1840.00
Availability: Buy DeStijl table here


Now this is something for those of you that like to change things around. Alone, each piece functions as a sculptural side table, but in multiples, you can mix things up and move them around to form many, many interesting shapes. Four units shown.

Steel with coating; available in orange, grey, green, black, or brown.

14″ x 14″ x 14.1″

Purchase Information:

Price: $219.00
Availability: Buy Jigsaw here

Acrylic I-beam Table

Acrylic is not “out”. It’s still “in”. I don’t know if anybody said it was really out yet, but I’m preemptively stating such so that everyone still feels secure in purchasing furniture made out of this great stuff we call acrylic.

12 L 12 W 18 H

Purchase Information:

Price: $290.00
Availability: Buy Acrylic I-beam Table here

Scrapile Cube

Surely you’ve heard of Scrapile furniture before? If so, you earn points. If not, well, you better read up, ’cause they’ve got a really great line of furniture made from wood scraps.
They earn a bajillion points for recycling tons of wood that would go into landfills and creating really great pieces that I certainly would be proud to use and display in my home. These cubes are within a somewhat modest budget, and they offer such versitility with stacking options or as a side table, etc. Each piece is made using non-toxic water-soluble glue and hand finished with Danish Oil which creates a water-resistant finish. Since they’re handcrafted, each one will be unique.

H 15″ x W 18″ x D 10″

Purchase Information:

Price: $360.00
Availability: Buy Scrapile Cube here

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Shorty Thad Table

Nice for bedside or sofaside or something. The curve of the top panel is especially nice; it’s available in White Enamel or Anodized Aluminum (with or without shelf). I just wish it was a little bit less ‘spensive.

Wood finish available in Walnut, Maple, or Cherry.

*Shown in Cherry, White Enamel top panel w/ shelf.

Dimensions: 18″ h x 15″ w x 15″ d

Purchase Information:

Price: $560.00
Availability: Buy Shorty Thad Table here

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Bedside Table by Morten Brorsen

I first saw this side table on another site for a bit more (enough that I thought some of you might consider it not such a great table after all), but when looking through retromodern’s cache of tables, I happily saw it’s available for a little less.

This table is actually a sheet of solid aluminum with a real wood veneer, so it has that nice touch of metal peeking through on the edges. Wallmounted (such a nice option) or resting on the floor, it’s got some nice sleek curves that anybody would admire. Delivery will be a slight wait (10 weeks, sorry) but I think it’d be worth it. Available in oak or American walnut.

12h x 16w x 13.75″d.

Note: no longer available from original retailer.

Purchase Information:

Price: $588.00
Available from: Hivemodern

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Usame Table by Patricia Urquiola

This table is affordable as well as versatile. The size lends itself to function as a side table and/or magazine holder, a bedside table, and, as Unica suggests, if necessary, even a bedtray. Available in transparent (crystal) or colored polycarbonate (smoked, red, orange, olive green, light blue, and black).

33.5″w x 11.8″h x 15.8″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $254.00
Availability: Buy Usame Table by Patricia Urquiola here

Touch-Me Tables

These tables are just the thing to add some ambiance to your home (maybe the bedroom, eh?). You can adjust the amount of light by touching the powdered steel table anywhere. So easy!

Available in black or white with white lights (multi-colored lights are available through Stereoluz’s site).

Purchase Information:

Price: $440.00
Availability: Buy Touch-Me Tables here

MUJI Tables

Now here are some tables that qualify as affordable, modern, and simple. An interesting tidbit from MoMA’s site:

“The name “MUJI” is derived from the Japanese phrase “Mujirushi Ryohin,” meaning “No Brand Goods.” Over the last 20 years, they have developed a worldwide following with a guiding philosophy that emphasizes innovative and simple materials, processes, and packaging.”

Made of scratch-resistant, powder-finished steel.

From left to right: Side Table with Magazine Rack, Magazine Rack, and Side Table.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy MUJI Tables here

Diana B sidetable

Made of powder coated sheet steel, this table defies normal expectations of structural stability in your bed or sofa’s side table. Conventions need not apply to your home, right?

Konstantin Grcic

20.75″ high
18.5″ wide
17″ deep

Purchase Information:

Price: $460.00
Availability: Buy Diana B sidetable here

Sande Collection

Okay, what you see here (from left to right) is the Sande Wave Table, the Sande Side Table, and the Sande Mag Bench. Designed and manufactured by David Brunicardi, each piece is made of repeat laminated, eco-friendly plywood from Ecuador. They’re all quite nice- also keep in mind they are hand made, so that’s why there are some zeros on the price tag.

Sande Wave Table $2,200.00
46 L x20 W x15 H

Sande Mag Bench $1750.00
39 L x18 W x13.50 H

Sande Side Table $700.00
24 L x17 W x17 H

Sande Cubes (set of three) $330.00
6.75 W x6.75 H x6.75 D

Purchase Information:

Price: $330-$2,200
Availability: Buy Sande Collection here

Open Cube

A highly versatile, durable, illuminated cube with hollow interior.

Materials: Polyethylene, light bulb
Availability: 8-12 weeks

Dimensions: 17.75″ x 17.75″ x 17.75″

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Availability: Buy Open Cube here

Romance Collection by Contraforma

I saw these on design*sponge a while back and hesitated posting them because the shop’s overseas and I thought that wouldn’t be too convenient…BUT I kept thinking about them and suddenly realized that I might just have to post them anyways, regardless of the shipping costs/time.

It’s laser-cut, powder-coated steel with an oh-so-ever romantic preforated floral design…I especially love the contrasting color inside. And, it’s suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Available in white with pink interior, graphite black with pink interior, or graphite black with white interior (on some of the pieces, but not all). Delivery outside Lithuania usually takes up to 4 weeks; Ona (that’s the store) ships everywhere. I guess I should mention there are other dimensions/designs-I encourage you to investigate further if you’re interested.

Purchase Information:

Price: $280.00-$485.00
Availability: Buy Romance Collection by Contraforma here