Chicago 8 Box Shelving Unit

I’m positive I’ve seen this before. Maybe I might have passed it over for something more flashy or sleek, but upon further investigation I think it’s worth serious consideration. It’s a bookcase that won’t overshadow what you put in it, yet still stands strong on it’s design-award-worthy-legs.

You also have your choice of cherry or maple veneer shelving unit with tubular steel legs.

1.5d x 94w x 77.5h (inches)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,499.00
Availability: Buy Chicago 8 Box Shelving Unit here

Vintage Credenza

Vintage shopping can be difficult because if you have something in mind that you’re looking for, chances are you could search for a very long time until you find it. But if you’re on a budget, I recommend vintage shopping over shopping at IKEA, because the pieces have lasted fifty years and will last another fifty, unlike their MDF counterparts.

The people at Two Jakes (Jake and Jake?) make your job a little easier by offering some great older pieces at low prices. Check them out. This credenza is $225, a comparable price for an IKEA credenza.

style :
mid century

description :
wood sliding 2 door credenza

dimensions :
30h x 60x x 17d

Purchase Information:

Price: $225
Availability: Buy Vintage Credenza here

Peepshow book shelf

Wow. What a great design.

“Dutch designed book shelf made of solid Dimb Wood. Dimensions are 78.74″H x 36.22″W x 9.84″D

Advice: The wood is untreated to maintain its natural beauty. Polishing with beeswax will give the wood a deeper, warmer color. Stains can easily be removed with fine sandpaper.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $1900
Availability: Buy Peepshow book shelf here

Barbee Record shelf

Remember when there was a ceremony to listening to music? Instead of just clicking a button on a device you actually took a record out of it’s sleeve and got to look at the cover art and interact with it. These shelves are such a great way to display your records while still making them accessible.

The guys at Furni have other really great items that are well designed and affordable. Check it out.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Studio Library Shelving

Here’s a great wall mounted option for shelving. Also, notice that if you do want three, it’s cheaper to buy them individually instead of in the set.

“Books become a striking decorative element when stacked on our innovative solid-ash shelving. It’s designed to hold oversized art and coffee-table books. The U-shaped shelves attach to a flat steel bar that’s stud mounted to the wall for stability. Finished with a rich mahogany stain. 8 x 8 x 48” h.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00
Availability: Buy Studio Library Shelving here

Index Bookshelf

If you’ve got a chunk of change saved up to spend on a bookshelf, this would be the one I would suggest, hands down. (Fo’ real.)

Available in maple, cherry, walnut or wenge veneers with metal supports.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1598.00
Availability: Buy Index Bookshelf here

Studio Metal Spine Bookcase

A few different retailers have their version of this, but this is the cheapest one I’ve found. If you’re interested in the uber sturdy version I recommend the Sapien Bookcase from DWR for $198.

Update: This item is unfortunately no longer available. (10/30/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Availability: Buy Studio Metal Spine Bookcase here

File Cabinet

The kids at Design Public, again, too funny not to quote:

Behold, the paperless society! Long heralded by media outlets, technology developers, and inveterate optimists, the age of the purely electronic office has arrived! No more will we keep hard copies of our records; no more will we file and retain seven years of receipts; no more will we need to gather and organize in one place disparate materials from various sources, available at our fingertips on demand! But it might be a good idea to have a mobile, locking file cabinet still. You know, just in case.

Purchase Information:

Price: $399
Availability: Buy File Cabinet here

3 Square 2-hi Storage Unit

Now, here’s something- these are actually two modular units stacked upon each other. I am, of course, fond of furniture being versatile, and this having the option to be un-stacked and used alone is a definite plus. In fact, used alone, it’d be a really nice credenza or sideboard. (When stacked, the space between the stacking compartments can hold lots of your CDs.)

Available in walnut, maple or cherry wood veneer.

Simple assembly required.

The space inside the shelf is 12″ tall.
The space between the units is 5.25″ tall.

Purchase Information:

Price: $705.00
Availability: Buy 3 Square 2-hi Storage Unit here

banded metal bookcase

This would be great in a library or livingroom.

“Cool polished nickel meets warm chocolate-stained wood. Wood-construction shelves slip into fixed position in the metal frame. Assembly required.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $369.00
Availability: Buy banded metal bookcase here

Metro Wall Unit with Legs

Kinda nice-lookin’ and kinda in the affordable price range (which is, of course, relative). I bet your stuff would look nice in it.

Available in Dark Wood or Honey Oak finish.

38” W x 38” H x 11 3/4” D

Purchase Information:

Price: $550.00
Availability: Buy Metro Wall Unit with Legs here

8 drawer double dresser

A little fancier than ikea. This double dresser is proportioned for small and hard-to-fit spaces, and is made with a natural cherry wood veneer (instead of a photographic image of wood grain on plastic). The drawers have metal drawer pulls and ball-bearing drawer glides. Complete assembly required.

63.5″w x 34″h x 16″d.
delivery surcharge: $50.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $598
Availability: Buy 8 drawer double dresser here

h & h modular bookshelf

Modular shelf systems are one of the best things because they can adapt to various spaces and are easy to move around. This particular system is built using the basic “H” module, which you can stack in whatever way you need.

31w . 31h . 12 3/4d (one H unit)

Available in solid white, solid black; also in translucent yellow, orange, or blue.

Package of 3 H pieces

Purchase Information:

Price: $157.00
Availability: Buy h & h modular bookshelf here

Müller RW109 Sideboard

Usually any furniture that looks this good has a price tag of over $1000, but guess what, this particular piece doesn’t. Although, I do have to share that I have seen what looks to be the exact thing at other retailers for a bit above $1000. (Also, I am led to believe the door is a fold-down type of thing.)

Available in all RAL colour shades, metallic and pearl enamel. All Müller furniture is welded of 1 to 3 mm thick sheet steel.

The RW109 is made with steel & aluminum legs.

Delivery could take between 6-10 weeks.

22 H x 47 W x 16 D

Purchase Information:

Price: $795.00
Availability: Buy Müller RW109 Sideboard here

BLine: Boby Trolley

Joe Columbo, (of insane 80′s furniture fame) has created an amazingly subtle (for him) rolling rack perfect for all your office needs. I have two desks in my office and it would be perfect for shuttling all my at-hand accessories between the two.

Purchase Information:

Price: $372.60
Availability: Buy BLine: Boby Trolley here