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SeR+ collection

Using only surplus yarns, each of these rugs by Alicia D. Keshshian is tied in a traditional Tibetan knot and GoodWeave certified. There’s a few different color ways available in each of the different styles, but keep in mind that most sizes are around 24″x36″. All rugs are zero waste.

Purchase Information:

Price: $390.00
Available from: Ser +

Woody Wood Rug

As the picture suggests, even the most modern and bare interior spaces can benefit from a colorful nature-inspired centerpiece, in this case a rug in the shape of a tree stump. Remind anyone of Ryan Nash Gill’s Tree Prints? Comes in measurements of 1, 2, and 3 meters in diameter. No official price is listed, contact the artist for purchasing info.


Club Red Rug

This 4’x6′ rug might be just the ticket for a small space needing a little bit of oomph. I like that it’s based on an actual poster and that it’s under $250.

Purchase Information:

Price: $229.00
Available from: CB2

Black White Rug

I knew I had seen this rug somewhere before, or that at least it was very similar to Suki Cheema’s Black Marble Pillow (for which I’m still searching for an online retailer), and lo and behold, it actually is a Suki Cheema rug. I don’t quite get why some retailers choose not to list the name of the designer/manufacturer of the products they sell… it’s certainly their prerogative but it’s unfortunate for those of us interested in an item’s story.

100% hand printed rug

Purchase Information:

Price: $385.00
Available from: Haus Interior

Catania Wool Kilim Rug

Hello, hello. Check out this lovely reversible black-white-red rug. Named after the city on the island of Sicily, the rug’s graphic pattern could be a great choice to inject some interest in a slightly boring room. It’s also GoodWeave certified, so you know what you’re buying is helping to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry.

Designed by the Spanish textile designer Sandra Figuerola for Gandia Blasco.
100% new wool

59″ x 80″: $515.00
67″ x 95″: $690.00
80″ x 118″: $990.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $515.00
Available from: 2modern


This rug is a compilation of sorts, giving you both a modern feel with its simple patchwork pattern plus the vintage look of actual worn oriental carpets. Available in 5 different sizes and 6 color schemes.

Designer: Eva Langhans, Thomas Follner

Purchase Information:

Price: €950
Available from: Chaplins UK

Starry Night Rug

If you’re looking for a great graphic rug, take a look at Graviti Zone Rugs. Starry Night (shown above) is perhaps the stand-out favorite, but take a look at Peaks and Africana as well.

Designed by Mónica Ibáñez.
100% wool from New Zealand.

Starry Night Rug, 2.4 x 1.7 meter rug (~5’x8′) starts at € 1000.00
Customized rugs are about 350 €/m2

Purchase Information:

Price: €1000.00
Availability: Buy Starry Night Rug here

Sidewalk Rug

The subtle tonal stripes of this rug will blend into the background, giving you a minimal stage for your furniture. And, at $599 price for the 8×10, you can afford to splurge on a special chair or table (hopefully).

100% wool

5’x8′ $299.00
8’x10′ $599.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: CB2

Land Carpet

Designer Florian Pucher creates an aerial landscape with these new colorful rugs. Birds-eye-views of Europe, Africa, the Netherlands and the United States are captured in 100 percent New Zealand Wool. Currently available to purchase directly from the designer. Europe, Africa and USA are each $1200 and the Netherlands is $2100. A fair price for such a unique piece of furnishing.


More information:

View Land Carpet here

Supernova Hydrus Rug

More geometry for your floors is never a bad thing, especially if we’re talking about Second Studio’s recent crop of rugs.


Purchase Information:

Price: $635.00 and up
Available from: 2modern

Zigzag Rug

More zig zags for your viewing pleasure. Thankfully, this rug is available in many different sizes (at somewhat reasonable prices) so you can fit it in any place that needs a bit more action (in a visual interest sort of way).

80% wool/20% cotton.
Hand loomed and hand bound on all sides

$39.00 – $649.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Available from: west elm

Digit Rug

Well, take a look at the latest from nanimarquina. Pixels take center stage on two rugs (one bright, one more muted (shown above)), giving you a digital ‘footprint’ for your room and providing myriad optical effects depending on your point of view.

100% Wool (New Zealand)
Price upon request.

More information:

View Digit Rug here

Mega Doily

This is along the same lines of the Flocks Aran Rug, yet it’s much more affordable. Heavy 1/2″ thick cotton rope is hand crocheted into this huge doily rug.

Handmade in the United States.
Measures 48″ in diameter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $700.00
Available from: Fancy

Cahier Rug

Originally spotted in The World of Interiors, this Cahier Rug would definitely give a room a graph paper-ish feel, which I’m guessing most of us would appreciate.

Designed by Alberto Artesani

(Note: If you had this rug, you might have to sip your tea/coffee from a Graph Paper Mug while boxing up a package with some Check Notebook Tape. Oh, and you’d also have to get an Agnes Martin Print.)

Purchase Information:

Price: 2,025.00
Availability: Buy Cahier Rug here

Hexagonal Modular Felt Rug

Hexagonal. Modular. Felt. Rug. I’m sort of speechless. There’s not a lot of background info on this whole series (there’s vases and bowls too that I’ll post separately), but apparently Portland designer Aurelie Tu works with women at the YWCA in order to create these handmade pieces. If the rug is a bit high for your price range, there’s equally impressive table runners: Interlocked Rounded Runner and Felt Offset Runner.

colors: snow white, cloud light grey, charcoal, orange mango, sunflower yellow and apple green.
Size: 4.5′ x 7′

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,150.00
Available from: Relish Design