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Gifts $100+

  • Marmoreal White or Black Board
    March 7th, 2017
    So, maybe you can't quite afford to have Max Lamb's Marmoreal Bathroom or even a Marmoreal Side Table. You're not alone. However, if you're really, truly in love with the…
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  • Piippu Pot
    February 23rd, 2017
    The Piippu Pot by Kaksikko looks a like a distant relative of the Svante Watering Can, no? Its shape and side handle reference traditional tea service, yet the addition of…
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  • Kaymet Rubber Grip Lap Tray
    February 15th, 2017
    Breakfast in bed seems like a great idea, if you're coordinated enough not to spill coffee/crumbs/whatnot all over the sheets and covers. It would certainly help to have a lap…
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  • Portable Toolbox Walnut
    February 10th, 2017
    Architects and designers, this isn't for all your tools, just the ones you use the most, preferably at your desktop. Designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt for Mjolk, this walnut toolbox's handle…
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  • HeartShapes Blocks
    January 30th, 2017
    February is just a couple of days away, so you know what that means... Valentine's Day is looming (barf). If you have to get something for your significant other, consider…
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  • RBT Barware
    December 8th, 2016
    Hmm, this set of barware from RBT is sure worth a second glance. Take a look at the collection. There's an aerator with faceted acrylic top, a decanter made of…
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  • Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera
    December 2nd, 2016
    Remember the Impossible Project's I-1 Analog Instant Camera, the camera system that uses the original Polaroid® format from way back when? It may be a gift consideration for those that…
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  • UE Roll 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    December 1st, 2016
    There's soooo many bluetooth speakers out there, how do you choose just one? Well, the UE Roll 2 gets great reviews, so sit up and pay attention. It's got a…
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  • EM77 Vacuum Jug
    November 30th, 2016
    Lukewarm coffee is just not acceptable, and this EM77 Vacuum Jug will ensure hot coffee stays hot. When tipped, the rocker stopper automatically opens to let coffee flow out- this…
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  • Leather Tech Envelope
    November 28th, 2016
    If you've got some loved ones on your gifts-to-give list that are extremely hard to shop for, you might want to choose something low key and useful like this tech…
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  • Mozartkugel Music Box
    November 28th, 2016
    What do you get the person who has everything? A Mozartkugel Music Box, of course. Turn the key and Mozart's 'Voi Che Sapete’ from ‘Marriage of Figaro’ begins playing from…
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  • Grain Plank Tray
    November 21st, 2016
    It's Thanksgiving week here in the United States, so you still have a tiny bit of time to round out your dishes and trays before your family descends. Take a…
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  • OYOBox Eyewear Organizer
    November 16th, 2016
    I know, I know, organizing your eyewear is not at the top of your list. However, if you have more than three pairs of good glasses/sunglasses, chances are that you…
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  • The Weather Station
    November 15th, 2016
    You need a smartphone to check the weather? Pfft. You wouldn't if you had this Weather Station affixed outside within view of the kitchen sink. Best Made Co. has joined…
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  • Pour-Over Stand
    November 10th, 2016
    Will you look like a mad scientist when brewing your coffee with this Pour-over Stand? I certainly hope so, as the process is completely on show, and there will be…
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