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Gift Guides

  • Gregory Buntain Wish List 2015
    December 18th, 2015
    Next up to share his wish list is Gregory Buntain from Fort Standard. Thanks Gregory! 1. Walnut Duster by Pat Kim, $30.00 2. Micropave Curved Line Earrings, $621.00 3. Lace…
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  • Michael Mundy Wish List 2015
    December 15th, 2015
    Michael Mundy from has found the time to share his list again this year. Thanks Michael! from Michael: 1. Because I never have enough wooden spoons in my kitchen:…
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  • Simon Yuen Wish List 2015
    December 11th, 2015
    Simon Yuen is up next to share his list of gifts to give and get. Simon used to have time to post stuff here on BLTD, and we miss him…
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  • Stephanie Madewell Wish List 2015
    December 10th, 2015
    Next up is Stephanie Madewell, of even*cleveland, to continue her annual wish list sharing with all of us lucky ducks. Thanks Stephanie for sharing your list again this year (this…
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  • Carl MH Barenbrug Wish List 2015
    December 8th, 2015
    The next wish list to be shared is by none other than Carl MH Barenbrug, Editor-in-Chief of Minimalissimo. Thank you, Carl, for sharing your list of minimalist gifts to give…
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  • Daniel & Emma’s Wish List 2015
    December 4th, 2015
    To kick off our annual sharing of wish lists, we have Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma giving us a peek of what they'd like to give or…
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  • Kristen Wentrcek Wish List 2014
    December 22nd, 2014
    The last wish list to be shared is from Kristen Wentrcek of the Wintercheck Factory. Thanks Kristen for sharing your list! 1. Festool TS 5S Plunge Cut Track Saw, $615.00…
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  • Gregory Buntain Wish List 2014
    December 19th, 2014
    The next wish list is shared by Gregory Buntain, Co-Founder and Design Director of Fort Standard. Thanks Gregory for contributing your ideas of gifts to give and get! (For more…
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  • GIGOT Wish List 2014
    December 19th, 2014
    The next wish list up is from Sieb of Good Ideas Grow On Trees. Thanks Sieb for sharing! 1. A pair of Insecta shoes - made in Brazil from vintage…
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  • Chadhaus Wish List 2014
    December 18th, 2014
    Emily and Chad Robertson from Chadhaus are the next to share items they wish to give and get this holiday season. If you're not aware of their design studio, they…
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  • Simon Yuen Wish List 2014
    December 17th, 2014
    Simon Yuen, a former contributing writer to BLTD and all around creative smarty-pants, is next to share his wish list. He's currently living in Portland and making all sorts of…
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  • Daniel and Emma’s Wish Lists 2014
    December 15th, 2014
    The next wish list is from Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma. Thanks Daniel and Emma for sharing your lists once again! Emma's Wish List: 1. Perfect Christmas…
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  • Jaime Derringer Wish List 2014
    December 12th, 2014
    Jaime Derringer, Founder and Executive Editor of Design Milk and Dog Milk, is up next to share her wish list this season. Thank you Jaime for sharing! (If you'd like…
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  • Stefan Boublil Wish List 2014
    December 9th, 2014
    Stefan Boublil, the creative director of the apartment, is next to share his wish list of gifts to give/receive this holiday season. Thank you, Stefan, for taking the time to…
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  • Jennifer Moore Wish List 2014
    December 8th, 2014
    Here's another shared wish list, this time from Jennifer Moore- Library Clerk, Maker, and Sustainable Style Blogger at recover girl. Thanks Jennifer! (If you'd like to share your list, just…
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