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Daniel and Emma’s Wish Lists 2014

Daniel and Emma’s Wish Lists 2014

The next wish list is from Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma. Thanks Daniel and Emma for sharing your lists once again!

Emma’s Wish List:

1. Perfect Christmas day outfit: sea spray cocktail pant, $289.00
2. Who wouldn’t want this in their life? It is covered in eyeballs for goodness sake! Pink Leather Clutch with Eyeball Print, $78.00
3. No explanation needed. Gravel and Gold Boob Pillowcase, $40.00
4. Gaudy gold piggy bank, $200.00
5. This has been on my wishlist for quite a while……..the colours are the BEST! Ojo de Dios Rug, $385.00

Daniel To Wish List 2014

Daniel’s Wish List:

6. Ghost Patrol Frisbee, $15.00
7. All Day Donuts (6 pack)
8. weber smokey mountain, $299.95
9. Wurtz Avocado tree from Diggers, $39.95
10. nissan elgrand 2015


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