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Stool One vs. Kaysa

Stool One vs. Kaysa

It seems like everyone has an opinion on knock-offs these days, and personally, I always sympathize with the original designer. In my own home, we save up for the licensed versions of whatever piece we love, but I do realize that many people just can’t afford to do so and will sacrifice provenance and, at times, quality for a similar look. Which brings us to the matter at hand: Konstantin Grcic’s Stool One vs. the Kaysa Bar Stool.

Since they look fairly identical, I won’t do the ‘which-one-is-more-expensive’ game, I’ll just cut to the chase. The Stool One costs $798.00 (+free shipping) for two stools, while the Kaysa Bar Stool costs $226.99 for two. Grcic’s version is the original design, of course, and the Kaysa is the knockoff. The massive price difference makes me a little sick, as it probably does Grcic and everyone else at Magis.

Stool One
Stool One by Konstantin Grcic, $798.00 (+free shipping) for two stools.
Design Konstantin Grcic, 2006
Treated aluminum, polyester powder coat
Made in Italy by Magis

counter stool: 21.1″w x 29.1″h x 18.1″d, seat: 26.4″ h
bar stool: 22″w x 33.1″h x 18.7″d, seat: 30.3″ h

Kaysa Bar Stool costs $226.99 for two.
Materials: Aluminum
Coated aluminum frame
Dimensions: 32.5″h x 16″w x 13.38″d

Available from Hive Modern, 798.00 for two.

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