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Rubik Versus Minimalista

Rubik Versus Minimalista

If you happen to be casually searching for a minimal console table, you might find a few that look almost identical. Case in point: these two consoles. Both have stainless steel bases with a walnut veneer top and both have similar dimensions; the only big difference is one has a price tag of $650 and the other $450. Can you spot which one’s which?

Rubik Console
Rubik Console Table:
48″w x 32″h x 14″d
Stainless steel base and walnut veneer top

Minimalista Console
Minimalista Console Table:
52″w x 29″h x 15.5″d
Stainless steel base and plain-sliced walnut veneer top.

So, which one is more expensive? It’s the top one, the Rubik Console Table for $650. Blu Dot’s Minimalista Console Table costs less at $450.


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