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Röshults Collection

Röshults Collection

It’s full-on summertime, so don’t forget to put the Röshults collection on your ‘what-to-buy-if-I-win-the-lottery’ list. They definitely have one of the best outdoor collections I’ve ever seen. The grills. The kitchen sink. The garden trolley. All amazing. However if you’re not loaded, don’t get too attached; a whole set could set you back 10 grand easy. The stand out favorites are below; see website for the whole collection and more details.

roshults kitchen sink
Garden kitchen sink, $2,630.00

Table Grill, (smaller than it appears here) $615.00 (13.7″ x 13.7″, height 5.5″)

BBQ grill 200
BBQ grill 200, $2,660.00 (Size: 37″ x 19″, height 31.5″)
There’s also a smaller BBQ grill 100 ($1,680.00) and larger 300 ($3,500.00).

garden sideboard and trolley
Garden 50 sideboard, $615.00
Garden trolley, $1,300.00

roshults collection

See what I mean? All are super minimal, and look great in a set or alone. More pieces available through Finnish Design Shop.

Available from Finnish Design Shop, 615.00 and up.

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