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Parsonal: Custom Furniture, On-Demand

Parsonal: Custom Furniture, On-Demand

Custom furniture? For $200-$650? Yes, please. Simply choose a product from Arrister’s catalog, customize the dimensions, and checkout. Their line is based on the Parsons table design, so there’s nothing fancy, just the tried-and-true basic lines of the familiar T-square design. What can you customize? All sorts of things: End Table, Coffee Table, Short Bookcase, Tall Bookcase, Sitting Desk, Standing Desk and Dining Table, for starters. You can finally get exactly the right dimensions without emptying your bank account. High five!

Hand crafted in Nashville, Tennessee using Appalachian timber.
Designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble.

Available from Kickstarter, $200.00+.

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