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Mails Woodwork

Mails Woodwork

It’s rare that you get four or five pieces all from one designer in one post, but Ryan Mails of Mails Woodwork caught my eye with the clean lines and excellent craftsmanship of his heirloom-quality furniture. You’ll find all of his current items below with a few words from him describing what brought about each piece. Visit Mails Woodwork for more pictures and information (there’s a mailswoodwork Etsy shop as well).

Shown above, floating desk: $1,200.00
“I enjoy doing fine work in timber thought of as coarse, like Red Oak. With this desk, creating something like a shelf for the drawer to ride on meant no runners or hardware to steal from its delicate grain and dovetails.”

gullwing bench: $1,400.00
“This bench began with the angle defining the profile of the bench ends, and the desire to conform a Danish cord seat to that shape. Over time I decided to reveal its construction frankly, with the joined and pegged frame partially exposed. The joinery is demanding for this piece.”

slant desk: $4,100.00
“I love working with quartersawn walnut, and this desk sprang straight out of a desire to play with its linearity. I had the form of the desk in mind for years before I found a way to build it with continuity of vertical grain across the sides. The shape dictated that storage would be accessed by moving the writing surface rather than withdrawing a drawer.”

henry stool: $350.00
“I’m drawn to the clean utility of a milking stool – something you can carry and drop where its needed – and wanted to do something with a curved seat. The bevel that eases the front edge started out slight but ended up defining the piece.”

Designer: Ryan Mails of Mails Woodwork


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