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LapTilt Table-Desk

LapTilt Table-Desk

While this isn’t new (we originally featured it in 2010), it’s still a pretty smart option if you’re leashed to your laptop. The Lap Tilt transforms from an occasional table into a small laptop desk with a simple tilt of the base. If you use your laptop in your living area for work- or, more specifically, whilst lounging on our sofas updating/perusing social networking sites- then this table would come in handy on many occasions. When not in use, the table automatically reverts back to an upright position.

Designer: Steuart Padwick

Material(s): Clear lacquered solid beech, painted stem and top
Dimensions: 20″ W X 16″ D X 22.5″ H

LapTilt Table

Available from YLiving, 910.00.

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