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Cadiz and Zinc Stool by John Reeves

Cadiz and Zinc Stool by John Reeves

I’m not quite sure where I first saw these, but each are entirely unique stools without the shocking price tag you’d normally expect (not that they’re cheap, they’re just a little more affordable than some of the designer pieces out there).

Cadiz Stool, White Porcelain, 18″ x 14″ x 14″, $525.00:
“The stools are shod with teak shoes to match the top of the accompanying table and also prevent the glazed edge of the porcelain from chipping against the floor.”

Louis Zinc Stool, Zinc Finish, 16″ x 16″ x 17.5″, $387.50:
“Cold pressed saddle seat in mild steel, stamped out Louis profiles legs folded at 90 degrees and welded by hand create this charming metal stool. Finished in an industrial zinc plate to allow for outdoor use; to compliment the Louis Zinc Table. Stackable stool in steel with a zinc plated outdoor finish..”

Designed by John Reeves of Reeves Design.
(you can call 510.236.1482 or email to purchase)

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