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Artist Deck Chairs

Artist Deck Chairs

When searching for outdoor seating options, don’t forget about the deck chairs from Artware Editions. They’d be easy to move from the car to sun to shade while at the beach, and you’ll get some curious looks when people spot the unusual artwork upon the digitally-printed, sailcloth sling. There are beach/bath towels by some well known artists as well, so there’s no need to hold back on displaying your art appreciation. Note: Artist-designed deck chairs could be considered a little ostentatious, so be sure not to be too much of a you-know-what when someone asks about them.

Suitable for the outdoors.

Solid Merpauh wood frame with digitally-printed, sailcloth sling.
48″h x 23″w x 30.5″d
Sam Taylor-Wood Deck Chair, $375 + shipping
Sam McEwen Deck chair, $375 + shipping
Olly & Suzi Deck Chair, $375 + shipping

Available from Artware Editions, 375.00.

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