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Alle Coffee Tables

Alle Coffee Tables

Whaaaat the what. There’s a tempting sale over at Hem; the Alle Coffee Tables are so very affordable at the moment you’d be silly not to grab a couple. Don’t be too afraid of the red color, by the way, as it would provide a nice color contrast to an otherwise neutral interior. If that still makes you nervous, there’s black, ivory, pale oak, light blue, gray, eggplant, and walnut- all excellent choices.

Designed by Staffan Holm
Alle Coffee Table Large, $299.00 $179.40
Alle Coffee Table Medium, $279.00 $167.40
Alle Coffee Table Small, $249.00 $149.40

Alle Coffee Table Set

Alle Coffee Tables require assembly, but it looks quick and super easy.

Alle Coffee Table from Hem on Vimeo.

Available from Hem, $149.00+.

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