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Acapulco Chair

Acapulco Chair

Hmm, what do we have here? If you have an extraordinary memory, you might just remember a tiny note I made regarding the price of an Acapulco-ish Egg Chair back in 2009. Often these chairs are priced around the $400 – $500 mark, which didn’t make much sense to me as I’ve seen them on porches of very humble abodes in Mexico and Costa Rica. Enter in MoMA Store, who now carries the Acapulco Chair for a mere $195. Hmm. The investigation continues below.

In the interest of comparing like to like, I’m noting prices on the black frame with black cord, but there are tons of color options on some of these sites, usually for the same listed price.

Acapulco Chair prices:
$195.00 ($175.50 members) from MoMA Store (also main image of post)
$495.00 AU + shipping from
$399.00 from Insolito Home
$475.00 from Innit Designs

So, am I missing something? Quality differences? Because it sure seems like MoMA Store has the best price for the same product. I’m sure there are more retailers, but you get the idea. Images below.

Acapulco Chair at MoMA
Acapulco Chair, $195.00 ($175.50 members) from MoMA Store (also main image of post)

Acapulco chair, $495.00 AU + shipping from

Greenpointworks Acapulco chair
Acapulco chair, $399.00 from GREENPOINTWORKS (this image seems skewed a bit, doesn’t it?)

Insolito Acapulco Chair
Innit Acapulco chair, $399.00 from Insolito Home, who also have a Baby Acapulco Chair for $199.00.

Innit Acapulco chair
Innit Acapulco chair, $475.00 from Innit Designs

Available from MoMA Store, 195.00.

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