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2nd Shift Studio

2nd Shift Studio

2nd Shift Studio has a couple of seating options worth checking out, and while you’re perusing their site, you’d do well to take a look at their collection of boxes made from reclaimed lumber. The stool (pictured below) has an interchangeable seat top (wood/cushion top) and is priced at $295. The bench features no hardware, instead acrylic rods secure the legs, and can be stacked to create shelving. Contact 2nd Shift Studio for more pricing and info.

2nd Shift Studio stool
The Stool, $295, has an interchangeable seat- choose a wood or cushion top.

2nd Shift Studio bench
The Bench has four custom threaded acrylic rods to secure each leg and may be stacked to create shelving.

Available from 2nd Shift Studio, 295.00 and up.

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