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What to do with the TV?

What to do with the TV?

Today on desire to inspire Kim did a post on what to do with a television. It got me thinking about all the interior images I’ve saved and if any of them might help in figuring out the best place for that necessary beast.

And what did I find after looking through all of our tumblr and my personal desktop file? Only a sad few to add to desire to inspire’s picks. It seems that the way to go is to either hide it completely away or choose a designated spot and just deal with the fact it’s out in the open. Personally, that’s what I’ve done in my own home, and trust me, every once in a while I cringe when I notice what a big black hole of machinery it is… alas, one of life’s many compromises.

I’ve included a few photo picks from Kim’s post and a few that I found searching through my own stack of saved images. If you’ve got some to add, let me know.

Out and proud… from our tumblr pages, via

Also out and in full view… from our tumblr pages, via The Things

Style At Home
While this is out in the open, the art above and cabinets below frame the television so it’s not as much of a sore thumb. via desire to inspire, source: Style At Home

Hus & Hem
Custom cabinets with doors would do the trick of hiding when not in use… via desire to inspire, source: Hus & Hem

Or, just a custom built-in with a special spot for the tv… via desire to inspire, source: SemelSnow

Treat it like art? from our tumblr pages, via Design Evolution

Main photo image at top of page via desire to inspire, source: William Abranowicz

Also, Scott from wrote in to suggest/add that two other options are to hide a TV behind a one way mirror or put it behind some sheer or opaque drapery. He’s provided a couple of links:

one way mirror:

Thanks Scott!


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