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The following post is sponsored by Fab.

I don’t know about you, but when Fab first started, I was a little addicted to checking it everyday. Then, I slowly weaned myself off, reminding myself that if I didn’t look, I would be blissfully unaware of the everyday design steals. Now, after checking it again after weeks of restraint, I’m gob-smacked by the selection of items, some of which we’ve posted here on BLTD, and others that I’ll be bookmarking for future posts. Here are a few items that caught my eye, most of which are of limited quantity, so sign up now for a free Fab account to peruse the rest of their impressive inventory of design sales.

1. Wind-Up Key Sharpener by SUCK UK, $25 retail $21

2. Strut Medium Orange Table by Blu Dot x Fab, $699 retail $559.20

3. Ruler Letter Opener by Izola, $18

4. Nooka Zub Zot Watch in Navy Red, $119 retail $51

5. Concrete 3-Piece Desk Set by Magnus Pettersen, $60

Fab kitchen

6. Nest Measuring Cups by Joseph Joseph, $10

7. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board by Fred & Friends, $26 retail $22

8. Elevate Wood Utensil Set by Joseph Joseph, $30

9. Drinking Games Coaster Set by Izola, $15

10. Pilot Bar Stool by Patrick Rampelotto and Fritz Pernkopf, $438


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