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ICFF Designer Spotlight: Maxim Velcovsky

ICFF Designer Spotlight: Maxim Velcovsky

Centered between the fall of Communism and the emergence of Capitalism, Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky is bridging the gap between traditional materials and current modern design. His designs comment on the throw-away consumerism that is an all-too-present part of our daily lives. The shape of a plastic cup used for stemware, the bottom of a coke bottle in porcelain, and a punctured vase all display a sharp sense of wit and irony while elevating something that would inevitably end up in the trash bin to an object that the end-user interacts with on a daily basis.

Velcovsky founded Qubus design studio with fellow designer Jakub Berdych in 2002 and the Czech studio showcases several local designers and has an impressive scope of work that features household items, fashion goods, photography, graphic design and more.



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