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Tea Coffee

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

For anyone who prefers a specific brand of loose-leaf tea, you know there’s a certain ritual in creating each cup. If you’re not thrilled with your current tea tool, maybe you’ll like this tea infuser from Sagaform.

Designed by Helene Tiedemann for Sagaform.
Size: 6.75 inches

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Stainless Steel Tea Infuser here

Alt Mugs

These are a little late in being featured, but better late than never, right? It seems like one of these would be a perfect small gift for a co-worker/friend.

Each of these mugs has been subtly altered to give them added and unusual functionality, not limiting what you can put in a mug to tea or coffee. what about milk? or money? or golf balls?! Our Alt Mugs cleverly and subtley change the function of the humble mug to give it a new twist, a new lease of life – people have been drinking out of mugs for millions of years, it’s time for a muggy revolution! Range of 4 mugs to collect, each with a different use; ashtray, money box, milk jug, or golf practice mug.

£ 10, Buy it here.
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Availability: Buy Alt Mugs here

Slanted Mug

With my luck, I’d spill this on the way to the chair/sofa, or while pouring the beverage.

We’ve all done it! Precariously placed a glass or mug containing our favorite beverage on our lap, only to have it spill on our clothes, not to mention our favourite chair. This mug’s uniquely shaped base allows you to nest it easily and securely in your lap. Available in orange, cream, light blue and mint green.

$35.00 CAD, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Slanted Mug here

It’s Pop It’s Art Mugs

Suck UK has done a very fun collaboration with It’s Pop It’s Art in creating mugs decorated with lyrics from a range of classic songs. I could only find one place to purchase them so far, but will add others as the list grows.

Feeling a bit metal? Then rock out with a mug of Motorhead coffee. Just had a hard day of freedom fighting? Then sup some tea from the Marvin Gaye mug. Or maybe you’ve just perfected your Bobby Gillespie hair, Primal Scream it is then. For whatever musical mood you’re in there is a lovingly designed mug to accompany it.

around £10, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: £10
Availability: Buy It’s Pop It’s Art Mugs here

Lotus Teacup

This is one high-tech teacup for those of you that are serious about tea. Follow the link to read more.

It looks like every traditional teacup should, but for starters it’s double walled, so a) you won’t burn your hands and b) your tea won’t cool off as fast. Secondly its sliding lid is a beautiful piece of high tech, as it is truly integrated into the lid and all you do is you slide a separate piece up and you are ready to enjoy your tea.

$30.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Availability: Buy Lotus Teacup here

Coffee & Tea Mugs

State your preference with these mugs.

Some say coffee and tea should not be served in the same mug. Some folks only drink coffee and their partners only tea. However you want to use them, our mug set uses early 20th century type and complementary colors to create a salt and pepper type set. Comes inside an 11oz kraft box. Both mug and box designed by John Caserta. Mugs screened by Maslen, Inc. in Pawtucket. Boxes made for The Design Office by Custom Corrugated and screenprinted by Tarvis Graphics in Pawtucket.
This is a fundraiser project. All profits fund group projects and future products.

$14.00 or $25.00 for set, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Availability: Buy Coffee & Tea Mugs here

Chalk Board Mug

Kind of a cute idea, huh? For more chalkboard homewares (vases, carafes, etc.), visit here.

Stick of chalk included.
Mug holds 11 ounces.

$10.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Availability: Buy Chalk Board Mug here

Pantone Mugs

How great are these? Perfect as a gift for anyone familiar with Pantone charts.

These mugs, inspired by Pantone Color charts, are glazed with a pattern resembling the iconic Pantone Color Chip and come with cute Pantone chip tag. Graphic designers and Color Gurus rejoice!
10 oz Mug.

Available in sets of 10 (1.0 and 2.0) for $125 or a 4pk “Tea Set” for $52.50

$52.50-$125.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $52.50-$125.00
Availability: Buy Pantone Mugs here

Handpresso Espresso Maker

I’m not a huge espresso fan, but if I was, I’d be all sorts of into this: no electricity needed and you could take it anywhere when traveling. Might be a great gift for an espresso-loving friend or family member…

Compact and lightweight, Handpresso allows for espresso to be enjoyed anywhere. It works without electricity with four easy steps: pump handle, pour hot water, insert coffee pods, and press. Uses standard E.S.E. (easy-serving espresso) coffee pods (not included). Made of aluminum and plastic. Hand-wash only.

Size: 2.75h x 8.75l x 4″d

$140.00 ($126.00 Members), Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Availability: Buy Handpresso Espresso Maker here

Ants On My Cup and Saucer

I’ve posted the
Bailey Doesn’t Bark Wall Plates before, and seeing as this cup and saucer set is a bit more affordable it deserves its own place in the spotlight.

The ants were individually hand painted by me, Re Jin, then transfered onto ceramic decal paper. Hand decorated onto a beautiful, classic set of cup and saucer. decals fired. microwave + dishwasher safe. original illustration by re jin lee @ bailey doesn’t bark…all bdb items are wrapped in a gift box.

Porcelain, Cup: 3Hx3.5D (8oz), Saucer: 6D

$55.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Availability: Buy Ants On My Cup and Saucer here

Queen Anne`s Lace Tea Strainer

This is the prettiest (and most expensive) tea strainer I’ve ever seen.

“The Queen Anne’s Lace tea strainer is a small, barely concave disc of silver that is more perforation than material. Hand made in Ted Muehling’s New York studio.”

Designer:Ted Muehling
Materials:Sterling silver

($180.00 members) $200.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy Queen Anne`s Lace Tea Strainer here

Teapot Warmer

An excellent teapot stand/warmer, this will do the job without offending the eye.

“A futuristic teapot warmer, elegantly arranged into a spiral of slats of wood. Produced in workshops staffed by the physically and mentally handicapped, this piece is sure to warm both your tea and your heart.”

10″dia. x 4.5″H

Designer: Christoph Matthias
Materials: Maple or walnut

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: Connox

Leaf Cup

This delicate leaf patterned cup is available in black leaf on a white background or white leaf on a black background, so you can pick whatever floats your boat.

“The Leaf Cup is a remarkable piece because of its artist quality pattern. The silhouette edge is finely detailed, as if actual leaves were placed around the cup. This porcelain cup is finished in a matte back glaze.”

Material: Porcelain
2″ dia. x 3.5″H
Designed by: Masahiro Mori
Produced by: Design Mori, Japan
Black Leaf or White Leaf
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Iittala Trio Sugar and Cream Set

This is perhaps the simplest sugar and cream set ever (maybe)…

Trio – an elegant glass set for many purposes. Trio set continues the tradition of multifunctional, elegant Iittala design. Consisting of three stackable parts, all made for many purposes…a pitcher, a small bowl and a bigger bowl…it is classical glass design in its purest form: plain and light.

Dimension: pitcher 15 oz, bowl 10 oz, bowl 6.75 oz
Designer: Camilla Krop 2007

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Availability: Buy Iittala Trio Sugar and Cream Set here

Brewing Pitcher (Ice Tea)

This will sure be handy once the summer heat sets in…

“Steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher and then Flash Chill deliciously fresh iced tea by pouring the brewed beverage into the ice in the lower pitcher for immediate service. The signature piece of our Tea-Over-Iceโ„ข line, these sculpturally designed pitchers are made from hand-blown heat-resistant glass and stack for a captivating table side presentation.”

[via iheartluxe]

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Availability: Buy Brewing Pitcher (Ice Tea) here