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Late-For-Dinner Plates & Floral Tumbler

These cheerful dinner plates and tumblers will probably brighten up your table to an arguable amount of absurdity…plus, just the word “quaff” makes me want to buy something.

Floral Tumbler: $6.00, Buy it here.

“A refreshing quaff is the essence of out-of-doors entertaining. Fill these playful glasses with cherry limeade, sun tea or a sparkling tipple.”
-Dishwasher safe
-6.5″H, 3.75″ diameter

Dinner Plates: $24.00, Buy it here.
“Blasts from the past in mod melamine, these retro plates are covered in pop-art flora. Their large size easily accommodates your nostalgic favorites like meatloaf and mashed potatoes.”

-Set of four
-Dishwasher safe
-1″H, 11″ diameter

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.00
Availability: Buy Late-For-Dinner Plates & Floral Tumbler here

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Paper Plates by Virginia Sin

Super smart (porcelain) Paper Plates so you can have the summer feel without the waste.

“I shredded actual paper plates, which previously where used to mold the plates, and then combined the paper pulp with porcelain slip to create my own unique batch of environmentally sound paperclay. When paperclay is fired, some of the paper pulp burns away leaving a lightweight yet strong ceramic structure behind. This allows the porcelain-paperclay paper plates to be nearly as light as the actual paper plates. Also, to ensure everyday porcelain wear and tear, each of the plates are glazed on both sides.”

Microwave and dishwasher safe.
materials: porcelain paperclay

small: 5.5″x5.5″x1/8″, $35.00
medium: 8″x8″x1/8″, $65.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00-$65.00
Availability: Buy Paper Plates by Virginia Sin here

The Middletons Plates – Complete Set

These plates might brighten up the table a bit…

“Based on the idea that melamine plates can have personalities too, the artist calls this set of four, The Middletons and names each individually – Doug, Janet, Claire & Perry. Take a good look at the family and discover the subtleties in the hues and textures of their overall character. Let them into your home and get to know them.”

Full color, 4 x 10 inch melamine plates. Plates are dishwasher safe, not microwave safe.
Design by Marco Cibola

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy The Middletons Plates – Complete Set here

Adónde Stoneware

This stoneware collection seems to balance a modern aesthetic with a natural sensibility. The plates can double as lids for bowls, serving bowls are oven-safe casseroles, and (my favorite) the cups have a lid that’s perfect for holding a tea bag or small snack.

“Combining versatility, smart design and good stewardship of the earth’s resources, the stoneware assortment comprises several differently sized “cylinders.” Although each cylinder size has been given a name, that doesn’t need to dictate its use. The stoneware’s enamel is hand-applied and made entirely from all-natural minerals. The coordinating utensil set has a pared-down aesthetic and is crafted from sustainable wood from well-managed forests. Stoneware is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Made in France.”

crafted from natural stoneware and mineral enamel.

Cup, $15.00
Cup Lid/Tea Bag Holder, $15.00
Olive Bowl, $15.00
Salad Plate, $25.00
Salad Serving Bowl, $65.00
Dinner Plate, $35.00
Bowl, $25.00
Serving Bowl, $70.00
Appetizer Picks (Set of 6), $25.00
Adónde Dessert Spoons (Set of 4), $25.00
Adónde Tongs (Set of 2), $20.00 – $30.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00-$70.00
Availability: Buy Adónde Stoneware here

Mix and Match Plates

There’s a little sale over at UO where you can get 4 plates for $18. Mix and Match and spice up your dinner!

Purchase Information:

Price: $18
Availability: Buy Mix and Match Plates here

“Seconds” Plates

Jason Miller now has a set of dinner plates (four on left) and dessert plates (four on right, not shown to scale) to continue with his “Seconds” series. While I liked the
tea sets, I absolutely love the plates. Well done.

‘Products that are “seconds” are products that are not quite right. Jason Miller’s Seconds series challenges the rules that surround modern day consumer items. Who says the decoration has to be in the center? Who says a whole bird is better than half a bird? Made through conventional methods of mass production, the decals on Jason Miller’s tableware are intentionally applied “incorrectly.”‘

Each set of four contains 4 unique patterns.

Dinner Plates, set of four, $120.00, Buy it here.

Dessert Plates, set of four, $80.00, Buy it here.

Available August 1, 2008

Purchase Information:

Price: $120.00
Availability: Buy “Seconds” Plates here

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Opulent Boat Plate Set

I’d categorize these plates as more art than tabletop gear, but I’m sure they’d do either job just as well.

“These heavy porcelain plates are part of the Surface 2 line by a French company called Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers and graphic artists to produce beautiful designs for the home. Each set includes two different designs by one artist. Opulant Boat features sumptuous linework by artist and musician Dylan Martorell.”

10.5″ diam

Purchase Information:

Price: $88.00
Availability: Buy Opulent Boat Plate Set here

Impression Crockery by Benjamin Hubert

I don’t know about you, but I love it when designers showcase and sell their wares directly on their websites. Benjamin Hubert has a great portfolio of interesting items on his site, and this soup bowl/spoon set is no exception.

The Earthenware soup/spoon set is formed from a single surface with a soft impression for the bowl and spoon holder.


Streamlined set of dinnerware from Bauhaus’ Walter Gropius.

Purchase Information:

Price: $130.00
Availability: Buy TAC 02 DIE NEUE LINIE here

lux dinnerware by philippe starck

From designer Philippe Starck comes the Lux collection of plastic plates, cutlery and dinnerware. The plates all have a plastic “horn” for holding drinkware in place.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.00-$21.00
Availability: Buy lux dinnerware by philippe starck here

Spark Dinnerware

I’d imagine this dinnerware would spruce up your table setting for the holidays. You could buy just a few to accent, or do the whole set to make a tastefully festive tabletop.

Dishwasher safe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.95
Availability: Buy Spark Dinnerware here

Modern Dinnerware

These are quite affordable, so if you looking to update your dinnerware just in time for the holidays, these would be an excellent choice.

“Take a lesson from the Bauhaus school of design, circa 1920s Berlin. Simplicity and utility in modular white stacking porcelain. The salad plate even doubles as an exact-fit lid for the bowl. Excellent durability, egalitarian price.”

• Stack for storage
• Fired porcelain with a dipped white glaze
• Dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe

Purchase Information:

Price: $2.95
Availability: Buy Modern Dinnerware here

Custom Birch Tree Plate and Mug Set

These would be a lovely gift if you’re the plan-in-advance type.

“A charming, delicately drawn birch tree graces a porcelain plate– a very green way to carve your initals into a tree. Makes a great gift for weddings and anniversaries.
Availability: Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive.”

Mug set consists of four 9 ounce mugs. Each mug is slightly different representing the four seasons.

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Availability: Buy Custom Birch Tree Plate and Mug Set here

Bowls Plus by Michelle Huang

This might be a nod to traditional Chinese culture, but it could also be a very handy way of having sauces and such slightly separated from your main course.

‘An age-old tradition is revitalized with the contemporary form of the Bowls Plus series. In Chinese culture, it is impolite to finish everything that’s been served, as if to say, “thank you, you gave me more than enough!”. Bowls Plus caters to this tradition with an extra little section built right in where you can politely and conveniently store the leftovers.’

Set of 3 different bowls.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Availability: Buy Bowls Plus by Michelle Huang here

Poketo Artist Melamine Plates by Ogi (s/2)

I’m a big fan of mixed dinnerware, especially since there are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

“Poketo invited Tokyo based artists, PCP and Ogi to design a double plate set. Collect them as a set or mix them up, they’ll definitely liven up your next dinner part. The plate sets come in beautiful handscreened boxes.

Plates are full color; 2 x 10 inch melamine plates; dishwasher safe; not microwave safe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Availability: Buy Poketo Artist Melamine Plates by Ogi (s/2) here