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Kickstarter: The Corder Also Kickstarter: The Carpenter Collection All-Natural Wood Watch & Soft Strap Just in case you need it: How to Erase Yourself From the Internet Peter Buechler (via my amp goest to 11) "Social connections are as important to our survival and flourishing as the need for food, safety, and shelter." Social Connection Makes a Better Brain (via We Are Star Stuff) Aluminum Wire Sculptures by Seung Mo Park A ...Read more

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Simple Machines Round Table

Just as they announced in a previous edition of their magazine, Dwell now has an online store. Now I shall go find my wallet, because I need to hide it and then hit myself over the head in hopes of memory loss. This Simple Machines Round Table stood out on first perusal, as the legs appear to screw into the top and has a clean, simple appearance. The companion Square ...Read more

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Price: $2,790.00
Available from: Dwell

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Oh, those pesky cords, sometimes you just want to throw them in the garbage bin. Well, now you can, except it's not garbage bin, but a CableBin. Huh? It's the CableBin, a cylindrical bin that's meant to be home to all your cable clutter underneath your desk. Cables and hubs may be attached to the sidewalls via adhesive components, allowing all the blinking mess to be tidied away. The top ...Read more

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Price: $89.95
Available from: Bluelounge

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Peter Fehrentz’s Renovated Flat

If you subscribe to Dwell magazine, you probably already saw this flat in Berlin, but I'd like to point out that a few risks does wonders for a small space. Not everyone has the guts to go with pink/rose cabinets and a dark grey tile backsplash, yet Mr. Fehrentz's 646-square-foot apartment proves it works well alongside other subdued colors. Flip through the slideshow over at Dwell and I'm 99% sure ...Read more

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Clip Coat Rack

If you're willing to invest in a strong, well-designed coat rack, turn your eyes toward Nendo's Clip Coat Rack. Note that its steel bars are at various heights, so hooks and hangers may be hung as well as your bags, hats, and coats. This allows for placement in a dressing area or closet as well as the entry hall. The Clip Coat Rack is available in three colors: black, grey ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,020.00
Available from: Luminaire

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Wooly Wood Throw

How about a Wooly Wood Throw to keep you warm this winter? Soft and reversible, this 100% lambswool throw is woven in Scotland and designed by Donna Wilson. Drape it nicely over a sofa or chair back or keep it at the end of the bed, and it'll be ready to warm up your appendages at a moment's notice. 100% lambswool, woven in Scotland. Soft, cosy, and reversible, perfect for cuddling up ...Read more

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Price: £195.00
Available from: Donna Wilson

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HOWDY Doormat

There's nothing like a 'Howdy' or a 'Sup' to casually welcome visitors into your home, and this doormat does that before you even open the door. Just like Reed Wilson's other doormats (several of which we've featured before), these two are made of coir and vinyl with flocked lettering. 30" x 20" -Coir and vinyl -Flocked lettering -Made in "Merica"...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Reed Wilson

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Tube Bag

Another Grcic bag? Aren't we lucky. Just as the Frame Bag was made of polyurethane and nylon, this satchel's thin, lightweight construction also takes advantage of the materials' strength to create room for a laptop and other small essentials without extra bulk. A zip closure keeps the large compartment secure while Velcro does the job for the medium/side pocket. Fully-lined. Made in USA. Clean with a damp cloth. 15h ...Read more

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Price: $185.00
Available from: MoMA Store

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Bento Cut & Prep Set

Are you too busy during the week for a home cooked meal? Here's a good option for prepping your feast beforehand: this Bento Cut & Prep Set has a bamboo cutting board that doubles as a lid and a set of of 5 measuring cups nesting inside. Cut and measure out all your ingredients the day or two before your meal and know that you'll be ready to roll when dinnertime comes ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Umbra

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Kabinett House designed by septembre

To anyone that says accent walls are passé, show them the Kabinett House in Paris, designed by septembre. A black wall against a pale or white interior packs a punch of contrast, and hey, when you involve the kitchen cabinetry as well, you've got a strong statement. Also worth pointing out is septembre's space layout, with storage alongside either side of the apartment (see plan below) photos : Maris Mezulis...Read more

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Polaroid Z340, Z2300 Cameras

Polaroid fans, your wish came true. It's back now, better than ever. Perhaps you'd like an updated version of the original? Take a look at the Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera. It delivers instant 3"x4" prints, and also has a bonus of shooting 14 megapixel digital photos that you can save and edit. And- it gets better- it's compatible with your SD card, which means you can print photos shot on other ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00 - 249.00
Available from: Photojojo Store

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DropCatch Porter Bottle Opener

It's a bottle opener, so what? Well, it hides a handy little magnet that picks up those pesky bottle caps. Up to 52 bottle caps are easily caught to its base, allowing you to showcase just how much beer you drank last night, and look, no mess! I'm sure your family/friends will be impressed. Different sizes available. -60 pounds of pull force -holds up to 52 bottle caps -features a genuine ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: DropCatch

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Saidoka Charging Dock

Your poor iPhone, it just clatters around on your desk without a real home. Sure, you plug it in to charge, but every time you pick it up to check the time/messages/email/news/calculation, you set it back down with an unfriendly thud. No wonder it wants to join the circus. Save it from that particular fate with this little companion called the Saidoka. Think of it as ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Available from: Bluelounge

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Theorem Desk Lamp

Inspired by the hypotenuse of a right triangle, this smaller LED lamp will tuck in nicely amongst your other desk items. You do remember what a hypotenuse is, right? The Theorem Desk Lamp from DAMM is made from hand turned solid Ash base, cerused (I had to look up what that meant), with a natural beeswax finish. And, if you'd like an alternate color scheme, here you go: Theorem - ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $275.00
Available from: DAMM

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Parent Letter Napkins

"Avoid late hours, pickled salmon, public meetings, crowded crossings, gutters, water-carts and over-eating." So says Rudyard Kipling to his youngest daughter, 12-year-old Elsie, in a letter specifying a few rules for her trip to London. You and your family can now have this wisdom at your dinner table, for this letter and others are printed on 100% cotton napkins. Fatherly advice from Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas ...Read more

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Price: $50.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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