Stefan Boublil Gift Ideas

Stefan Boublil Gift Ideas

And now, our fourth installment of Gift Ideas, by none other than Stefan Boublil, the creative director of the apartment. He’s got a gold star by his name and a pretty good list of achievements to date (just google him).

Stefan’s list of gifts to get this year:

1. As Little Design As Possible – The Work of Dieter Rams, $90.00
the most insight i have ever gained about design is from this book.

2. Falcon Enamel Pie Dish, £4.40
in the kitchen, only use the beautifully bare minimum.

3. Old Time Slingshot, $25.00
always in my back pocket in case a client gets out of line.

4. Geneva Sound System, $2,299.00
getting this, right after buying the chemosphere from benedikt taschen…

5. Air Quote Mittens, $65.00
there is nothing “funnier” than out-of-place quotes, is there?

6. Eco Highlighter Yellow, $2.00
i don’t read paper much any more these days but when i do, i go old school highlighting.

Stefan Boublil Gift Ideas

7. R6 by Six Eight Seven Six ‘Brecon Pilot Bag’, $265.00
and the lord sayeth: one can never have enough grey satchels.

8. Tecnica Moon Boot®, $100.00
the only boot i wore as an entitled kid in the alps and the only boot i wear as an arrogant grownup in nyc.

9. “Big Jug” of Pure Organic Maple Syrup, $68.00
one finger through the hole and start dripping. if you will.

10. Penultimate App, $0.99
you’re only as strong as the ideas you remember. this is how i do it.

11. Custom Inspector Stamp Production, $23.00
if you’re going to carry business cards, at least make a show of it old man!

Thanks Stefan for sharing.

For more on Stefan, visit the apartment and/or the apartment broadcast.



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