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Reader Queries:

Reader Queries:

Hello. There’s a few reader’s questions that I haven’t been able to find/answer. Can any of you help?

First, Claire’s search for wallpaper:

“It was by a female designer possibly Scandinavian, her designs were all multicoloured, 4 different designs including repeat patterns of snow capped mountains with goats, rabbits and other silouhette images. Another one featured, red foxes. Also one with a large crab print allover. I have spent hours trying to find it again online but just can’t locate them. Any suggestions or ideas of who the designer is would be most welcome as it is starting to drive me mad!! Many thanks, Claire”

Second, Gavin’s search for folding barstools that aren’t ugly:

“Have you come across any counter height folding bar stools in your search for great contemporary. I thought finding one would be a no brainer but it seems to not exist??”

If you have suggestions and/or ideas, please-oh-please comment. It’ll be your good deed for the day.


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